New Covers for the Dragonkeeper Trilogy

The Dragonkeeper trilogy is being reprinted and this time they will all have new covers. This is called rejacketing in the book trade. The book is exactly the same. It is just the covers that are different.

The covers have been created by Sebastian Ciaffaglione, who did the cover for Dragon Dawn and also illustrated my picture book The Night We Made the Flag.

I think they are really lovely. It’s great to see Danzi and Kai on the covers, not to mention Hua who is featured on the Dragonkeeper cover.

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  1. Carole,
    I really like the new covers and I was wondering you know the old cover for Dragonkeeper? How there was a picture of Ping. Where did you get it from and who relly is she? If you cannot tell its ok.

  2. Hey, love the covers, my favourite is Garden of the Purple Dragon. I was just wondering, there is a new little computer book called a ‘Reader’ availavle at Waterstones and Sony shops, have you heard of it? I want one for my birthday because I love books, I havn’t found Dragonkeeper books on it though, do you know wether they will be available as ‘ebooks’ on the Reader? I think authord have to do something to get there books turned into ebooks for the Reader, anyway please write back because it would be great to read them on the Reader, bye for now and good luck with your new book, cant wait!

  3. Hello, I like the new covers, the illustrations are gorgeuous.
    I’m just really used to the original ones so the Ping and Danzi on the new covers are different to how I imagined. On the original cover the picture of Ping is how I think of her, and the chinese dragon for Long Danzi.
    I can’t wait to read Dragon Dawn!!

  4. Danny,
    I’ve never heard of the computer reader. I suspect that it would work like audio books. Whoever owns the company would approach the author and offer them some money.
    You see Danny, selling books is how I earn my living. I get 10% of the price of every book. I think that with the reader thing, you would just get a fee and they could then copy it as often as they like.
    Personally I can’t read off a screen. Even though I write my books on a computer. When I read through it, I print it out.

  5. Dear carole,
    You have not responded my question.
    You could have just told me u could not tell!
    I am not angry but i am very curius,so please answer my question or this text.

  6. Hi Carole,

    i am doing an oral on you for an english class on friday and i just wanted to know:

    what was your reason for writing dragonkeeper?
    How much money did you get from it?
    and what is the book you like the most that you have written.

    (PS) (i have read dragonkeeper and i thought it was a 2.5 out of 10. just because of the plot) ur other books are better in my mind though.


  7. i really like the new covers i like the cover for Garden of the purple garden the best 🙂

  8. Hey, I’ve just been to a book shop today and I found Dragon Keeper and I have read the first few chapters and I think it is amazing. The story line is great, I can see you have done lots of research considering all the locations you have mentioned. Good Job!

  9. Sorry, I forgot to read the blog, the one I got has the new covers, I’m just wondering what the old covers were like. P.S. I LOVE the cover for Dragon Keeper.

  10. Hey Carole,
    I’ve just been wondering how long it takes you to write the books? and when you first do your draft do you type it or handwrite it?

  11. i have seen the covers at the borders in city center (a shopping center in Canberra).they look awesome!

  12. by the way I think the pulisher did a good job.She is alot like i imagined he would be.

  13. Pizza,
    If you go to the Dragonkeeper page
    (or click on the cover of Dragonkeeper in the top lefthand corner of this or any page on my website). There you will find the original Aust cover and all the overseas covers. Click on them to make them bigger.
    It takes me about a year to write a book the size of Dragonkeeper. I type all the drafts and rewrites. And there are lots of them.

  14. Thanks, they all look very cool but I like the new ones better, I’m still reading Dragon Keeper, I’m halfway, it is the best book ever.
    I’m persuading one of my good friends to read it too, she loves dragons and books so she should like it.

  15. wow! New covers are awesome! I love ’em. Almost makes me want to buy them too XD

    Looking forward to the new book…it’ll problably be around next I’m lucky!

    I’m so excited, I am a slow reader but I read alot, I have been reading even slower in this book as I want to take in every detail and I don’t want the adventure of your great book to ever end. At least it is in a trilogy so I sincerely hope I enjoy them as much as I am enjoying the first one now. It would be cool if you made more books, not picture stories but teenage fiction novels, similar to Dragon Keeper. I love teenage fiction as I am a teenager, only just, I’m thirteen. Your books are superlative and marvellous. I can’t even think of any words to describe your books. That’s how great they are. Anyway, can’t talk all day, got a speech to write and practice, due tomorrow yet I’ve finished writing, we can’t just read off a sheet of paper. Bye!

  17. I’ve finished the book, it’s great. The ending was good yet I suspected that the [plot spoiler removed]. I’ll need to get a copy of Garden of the Purple Dragon soon. Should be good although I doubt any book could be as good as Dragon Keeper. A truly wonderful read with hilarity, unexpectancy and history all in the one book. I loved all of it. Good idea to have a page on pronouncation of the names or I would have thought Liu Che was pronounced Lee-oo chee (like cheese)and Hua pronounced how.

  18. Pizza,
    I’m a really slow reader as well. It is frustrating at times, but I think slow readers remember more.
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed Dragonkeeper so much. And that you read the pronunciation guide. Not many people do!

  19. I was at West Richmond Primary School doing a talk to year 5 & 6 and I held up the old Dragonkeeper and then the new Dragonkeeper covers, and I could hear the buzz of excitement as I held up the new one, so I wasn’t surprised when, put the vote, all the hands were in favour of the new. I loved the old cover when we did it. It was something special. But I love the new cover even more. And it was a lovely challenge revisiting a cover that everybody at black dog loved so much.
    Andrew, Carole’s publisher.

  20. help! i am being driven crazy by research! at first i thought writing a historical fiction is easy, but not so! i wrote my first draft, and after many hours of resaerch, i discovered that many events in my book was not historically correct!what do i do? stop writing to do research and then write again or keep going anyway?

  21. To “The Anonymous One”

    I’m completely shocked that anyone could hate a series this good. “The Anonymous One” is just blaming the author, just because you might not like dragons or China. Why would you read it if you knew it was a type of book you woudn’t write. Carole Wilkinson has done a great job in the words and the storyline. In case you haven’t noticed there are about 30 nice comments on this blog alone.

  22. about: the anonymous one
    i think that your comment is just a stupid joke just the name is a joke

  23. Honestly Sarah,
    Whats with your name i think that your comment is just a stupid joke just the name is a joke.
    Anyway I do like dragons and China, Pizza. I think the book has had a hideous portrayal of it, thats all.
    Full Stop.

  24. Okay, guys, calm down.
    People are allowed to make negative comments about my books (even if they do it anonymously). But if you start insulting each other, I’ll just delete the posts.

  25. I apologise Carole, I think its great that there are so many Australian Authors making their mark. I just believe that there are less discriptive ways of writing (I mean honestly, who wants to know the colour of a dragonfly’s legs?)
    Congratulations on your success.

  26. Hay peoplez
    i havent read the books but they look good and i always judge a book by its cover. im pizzas friend im the one he said loves to read and likes dragons. Dont worry about anonamous one he is also my friend as well as pizzas and he likes to be contrary he also likes to hate anything pizza likes. any way ill get around to read them soon. PS DRAGONS RULE

  27. Sorry about my friends, “The Anonymous One” he just doesn’t like the books I read, and as for Cass she’s pretty cool, so sorry about them commenting, they saw me on this website. And as for their proper first names: Zach and Casey. They really are very nice.

  28. sarah,
    re: research. I do most of the research before I start. Otherwise it’s too hard to change things if you find out you’ve made a mistake.
    Even if you only get one piece of info wrong, you might have mentioned it 50 times in your story. Much better to get it right first, I think.

  29. Anonymous One,
    You’re entitled to your opinion. Some people like the detail.
    PS could you come up with a shorter handle?

  30. Well it looks like im not anonymous anymore thanks to Peter Ryan (Pizza)
    Smile for the cheese while the portrait takes your camera

  31. Doesn’t matter if people know my name. I think lots of people prefer Pizza such as Carole Wilkinson. “Pizza (nice short name)” (Quoted from comment posted by Carole 28/10/08.)
    Yes, my name is Peter. Doesn’t make a difference. I don’t mind what anyone calls me anyway.

  32. Hello!
    Let me tell you a little about myself so you can waste your time commenting about it.
    I live in south-west victoria.
    Am 13
    and Pizza happens to be my friend.
    Now, Carole. Australian Authors: Have you ever met David Cornish or Michael Pryor?
    Michael Pryor was runner up for Aurealis award. Was that the one you won?

  33. i LUV the new covers but i preferred the old 1s… & i am 1 of the 1s that like the detail!!!:P

  34. I have finished Garden of the Purple Dragon, it is as good as Dragon Keeper and had so many surprises yet I will not list them. Kai is so funny. It also seems you have done your research, I looked up Liu Che and Chinese emperors on the internet. All of your facts are right (Well, perhaps not the actual story line).
    I look forward to reading the final book in your trilogy. Thanks for the enjoyable read.

  35. Pizza,
    I’m glad you liked it. The books are mainly fiction, but I like to put in a few people and events that actually happened. So Liu Che was a real person, so was Dong Fang Suo. And Liu Che really was obsessed with living forever.

  36. hey hey……
    Um firstly Zach ( formerly the anonymous one ) think you have a little bit of a problem saying that carole’s books are ALL BAD when there not….. And then you say there good – i just dnt understand…..


    Carole did you get my other comment…. I cant find it….. did you take it of…
    Well if you didnt c it i finished dragon dawn…. it was a good book…

    Ok cya

  37. um… i was just reading through other comments – and found out your a slow reader….. Does that mean it takes you a long time to write long books – apart from the time it usually would for faster readers ( like J.K ) ???????

  38. Connor,
    I don’t think the fact that I am a slow reader makes me a slow writer. Writing isn’t about speed. It’s about being thorough and writing and rewriting until it gets good.

  39. Hi,
    I have just finshed the whole series of the ‘Dragonkeeper’. It has captivated me like no other book has before. I thank-you for writing such imaginative stories and for having creative ideas. I was so into the book i forgot to do my homework!

    But I do have a negative comment (sorry!)
    The new covers are beautiful, although it did alter my imagination of the characters and I found it hard to think of the characters…..

    Anyways, congratulations on the new books! XD

  40. Sharon,
    Thanks for telling me that. I see what you mean about changing your ideas of what the characters look like. Strangely the new covers didn’t have that effect on me. I think the illustrator got pretty close to depicting Danzi and Ping how I imagined them.

  41. My 10 year old daughter is an avid book reader and at a young age read encyclopedias like novels. It is challenging to find novels for her to read which have age appropriate content but are interesting enough for her to pursue. She received Dragon Keeper for her birthday and finished the book in a day and a half and really enjoyed it. Looks like Garden of the purple Dragon and Dragon Moon will be on the Christmas list !

  42. hi carole its rhys the dragon keeper series are the best but i am still on the 1st book dragon keeper

  43. Hi Carole,

    I’ve read the first three books of the Dragonkeeper series and I love them so much! It started off when we had to read them for school and then everyone loved it!
    As for the covers, I like the new ones but I prefer the old ones because they seem more graphic to me.

    Congrats on your well-deserved fame!
    From the alchemist

  44. wow!! this book its amazing!!!
    im from indonesian,
    i already read the first and the second book, just want to ask u ,why the third book itsnt avaible at my country?
    thx, like your kai!!

  45. Hi Carole,

    I was wondering where can you find the new book, Dragon Dawn? I really want to read it….is it at Borders?

    the alchemist:)

  46. sarah,
    I missed answering your comment, way back in Nov. Sorry. Glad to hear your daughter is enjoying the Dragonkeeper series.

  47. hey carole i love the ew covers and everything bu i was wondering why is it called a triolgy when u made the 4th book called dragon dawn

  48. Nicole,
    Glad you like the covers.
    Dragonkeeper, Garden of the PD and Dragon Moon are a trilogy. They continue one from the other, Ping is the main character and the story is finished. That’s why they are a trilogy.
    Dragon Dawn is a stand-alone story, set at a different time.

  49. yo nic!
    finally found u!!!
    hua in the 1st cover looks cuter that i thot.
    are you gonna make other relating dragon stories carole??

  50. I love Dragonkeeper! I’ve finished Dragonkeeper, Garden of the Purple dragon, and now I’ve almost finished Dragon Moon! You’re awesome Carole! Kai is so cute.

  51. I really love your dragonkeeper series! and really curious about ping,jun,the emperor and kai’s future after i finished dragon moon,,–though they seemed have a happy life after all–

  52. Hi Carole, i have posted here before about a project that i did on dragonkeeper last year. i recieved an A and i was so happy. I just want to say you are such an inspiration to everyone that reads your books. They are so incredibly well written and you can tell how much research and deep thought has been put into them. I am always writing short stories(mostly romance) and i would really like to start a romance novel. thank you for the pleasure of reading your work.

  53. why did u change the cove?

    my birthday is 14 may 1997
    how old are u ? when is it your birthday?
    how long how u being white for?

    thank you

  54. Jardel,
    The publishers wanted to change to cover. Just to keep it fresh. I was happy to do that. I am 58 years old. I am not publishing my birthday on the internet. I have had some problems lately with people trying to steal my identity. Sorry.
    I have been writing kids books for about 15 years.

  55. The new covers look great! I’ve still got the old ones (all signed from you! Woo), but the new ones are probably all the rage, they will probably appeal to some newer readers. 🙂
    Sebastian did a great job!

  56. The new covers look great! I’ve still got the old ones (all signed from you! Woo), but the new ones are probably all the rage, they will probably appeal to some newer readers. 🙂
    Sebastian did a great job!

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