A Dragonkeeper movie!

The question I am asked most (after “can you write another Dragonkeeper book!”) is “Why don’t you make a Dragonkeeper movie?”. I always used to say, I’m not a movie producer. It’s a very complicated job making a movie. But fortunately, an actual movie producer contacted me and he (and a million other people) are making a Dragonkeeper movie right now!

Bill Nighy, Bill Baxter, Naomi Yang

It’s an animation, and from the few pictures I’ve seen, it’s going to be lovely. Also late last year, it was announced that British actor Bill Nighy and comedian Bill Bailey, along with Chinese actress Naomi Yang are going to be the voices of Danzi, Wang Cao and Ping! That is really exciting and I think they are perfect choices.


I’ve been told that the movie will be out in the middle of next year. I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Hooray!! I have read all of your Dragonkeeper books and cannot wait to see the movie. Your books are not only ones we cannot put down but my granddaughter who is in college now still think about the nights we spent reading your books together. As a grandmother, it was the most wonderful time. Thank you.

  2. This is very exciting news! I grew up reading the Dragon Keeper trilogy in middle school and now I’m in college and just now learning there’s a second trilogy and a prequel and, soon, a movie! I’m super happy for you, Mrs. Wilkinson, and eagerly looking forward to the film! <3

  3. Me too! It’s very exciting. I suspect the pandemic has stopped production of the movie, but hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

  4. I first found the dragon keeper books by accident years ago when I first started highschool. As a lonely, shy, Aussie kid who spent her time predominantly in libraries, the books were such a glorious find. Six months later I’d binged every one I could find, and bought all of them to occupy my bookshelf. Now, I’m far older, and they are still there to this day. At this news, I’ve already picked up book one all over again <3 I’m so vehemently excited for this film, but thank you so much for all the memories thus far, regardless of a film production. You’re work has been and shall remain a treasure in my heart.

  5. Your books are amazing! I’ve read all of them and when I heard there was a movie coming out I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! I can’t wait for the movie, hopefully it will be released soon. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you.I suspect the production of the movie has ground to a halt because of the pandemic. Hopefully it will start up again soon.

  7. I have read and re-read the entire series!! This is exciting!! I am such a huge fan!! Would love an autographed copy of the series

  8. Hi Millie,
    Great to hear that you have enjoyed the Dragonkeeper books. I don’t see how I could sign your books for you, I’m afraid. If you lived in Melbourne and there was no virus or lockdown it might be possible. But not in these times. Postage for sending the books to me and then back to you would be expensive.


  9. i have literally just read your entire books series and by far its was amazing i hope to see the movie next year 😀

  10. Great to hear you are enjoying the books. Sadly, because of the Coronavirus, it seems the movie will be delayed.

  11. My primary school teacher Mr Graham read Dragonkeeper to us when i was in year 5 or 6 and for book week my Mum made me a satin robe out of fabric from left overs from my Auntys wedding dress, she also put a brown strip of satin around the edge and to my delight I won the $20 book voucher and 18 years later I still have the robe and the all the books. I have read the books multiple times and also love the book Scatterheart by your daughter Lili which i have also read multiple times. I still remember going to the library to borrow Dragon Moon and seeing Scatterheart also under Wilkinson. I am captivated by the way both you and your daughter write. I have double vision so reading isn’t a great joy of mine but I push myself to read these. I have recently gotten into audiobooks and am currently listening to Harry Potter and I have just realised these are in audiobooks aswell. Thank you and your daughter for bringing so much joy into my life with these books. They are wonderful and I cannot wait to take my nephews to this movie. ❤

  12. That’s a lovely story, Tennille. Thanks for sharing it. I will tell Lili you enjoyed Scatterheart.
    Did you know there are now 6 Dragonkeeper books? The second trilogy is set 400 years later.

  13. I didn’t think this book was going to be so good!! I had to read it for school and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much Mrs Wilkinson for making this book that awesome!

  14. As I’ve mentioned before on a few other social media platforms I follow you on, the Dragonkeeper series is one of the nearest and dearest things to my heart – I stumbled across the first book when my fifth grade teacher read a few chapters to the class when I was only ten years old, and I begged my mum to buy me the three books that were available at that time (copies that I still have, that are so well-loved they’re almost falling apart) and now, at age 23, I still laugh and cry and feel all the things I felt when I read those books growing up. I read the series at least three times a year, and I never ever tire of it. I was ecstatic to find out about the prequel and the second trilogy (I just purchased the entire series in the beautiful, colourful softcovers that I absolutely adore) and now I’m absolutely longing for this movie! All I’ve ever wanted was to see this incredible work of fiction made into something that can be visually taken in, and I’m beyond elated that it’s actually happening. I’ve been an avid reader from a very young age and I can honestly say that I have never loved a book series quite as much as this one. Thank you so much, Carole, for bringing this incredible work of fiction to life!

  15. Jordyn,
    That’s wonderful. You could well be my most dedicated reader!
    I haven’t had any news about the movie for a while. But I’m hoping it is back in production.


  16. Hi there, I am a primary school teacher and Stage 3 students are all, currently reading Dragonkeeper. We are a very multicultural school and your incredible, sensory descriptions are a joy to read and discuss with our students. I was informed only today by one student, that the movie is in production. We can’t wait. Thank you

  17. I am a hugeee fan of dragonkeeper! I am in grade 6. My teacher gave this book for our reading response journal and i enjoyed so much that i have read all the books multiple times! Btw i also live in melbourne.

  18. Hi Genevieve,
    I’m not sure. The pandemic has slowed production down, I think. I am not involved with the movie making, so I don’e really know.

  19. Hi Shirley,
    That’s great to hear. I am really pleased that the book is of use in the classroom.
    Not sure when the movie will be out.

  20. Im so excited! I have read the books that where translated to my lenguage (spanish, I only found three of them). The Dragon Keeper was the first book I ever read and was the reason im now a writer. I did a bunch of drawings of the story when I was in high school, and seeing this new makes my heart grow in happiness!
    Im learning english so I can read the rest of your books, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writting The Dragon Keeper, and also congrats for the movie!

  21. At school Dragonkeeper was our class novel and me and my friends loved this book so much. The moment I got home, i asked for the Dragonkeeper series for Christmas. I have finished them all. I can’t wait to see the movie! I loved your books soo much!! :DDD My fav character is Kai

  22. That’s great. I’m very pleased to hear that you and your friends enjoyed reading Dragonkeeper. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie too!

  23. wow congratulations!! I read the books when I was 14, and recently found them and I still remember how much I enjoyed the story!. I will keep them safe for my daugther to read someday 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the movie!

    Greatings from Spain!

  24. Hi Carole, My name is jake and i have recently read the 6 books of dragon keeper, and although it took a long time i’m glad, because then, i could enjoy it slowly. I was ecstatic to find out there was a movie coming and i know perhaps it will take a little long due to the pandemic but that’s all right. By the way i am grateful that you have made these books. Thank you

  25. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the books. I don’t know when the movie will be out. Maybe late next year, perhaps not until 2023?

  26. Hi Carole, My name is Angie and I’m 10 years old. I was really struggling to read anything after I finished Harry Potter but suddenly I found the first Dragonkeeper Trilogy and it was awesome. I loved it soooooooooooooooo much and I can’t wait for the movie, wait is the movie still happening?
    Hope it is,
    Your supporting fan,

  27. Angie,
    I’m glad that you enjoyed Dragonkeeper and that it helped you continue to read after HP.
    There are lots of great books out there!
    The movie is still happening, but I don’t know when it will be released.

  28. Oh wow how did I miss this? I still remember hearing that question asked at the Dragon Moon launch and thinking: “Hmm, that’s a really good idea!”

    I still have the purple plushie from the raffle ☺️

  29. Dragonkeeper was a book that I had to read at university when I was studying to become a teacher. At first glance I was not impressed, I judged the book by it’s cover and it didn’t look like something that would interest me. I put off reading it until I really had to. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! I was hooked immediately and could not put it down! I had to go on and read all the sequels for my own interest afterwards! I now read it to all of my classes when teaching primary. I only just heard about the upcoming movie tonight upon searching for some resources from your book for a creative arts units I’m doing on dragons. That information has just made my day! Thank you!!!!

  30. Glad to hear that the books won you over! And that you are using dragons as the topic for your creative arts units.
    The latest on the movie is that it will premiere in March next year. It’s been a long time coming because of Covid.

  31. I am a boy 11 years of age and my mum brought the first book . I thought nah …..
    I love reading and I had ran out of books so mum encouraged me to read it. I loved it , I realised it was n amazing book with a lot of wisdom and I was hooked and wanted more. then we couldn’t get the 2nd book in New Zealand . While my mum was tracking it down she read it we both loved it . Mum brought the books 3-6 and my uncle brought me from Australia book 2. I am to book three and loving it too . Thank you for writing these amazing books look forward to movie . I will have all the books finished for sure by then . Kind Regards Christopher

  32. Hi Christopher
    I’m glad you managed to get the books eventually. And that you are enjoying reading them.

  33. I have been in love with these books for years. I met them when I was about sixteen years old, I am now 29 years old and all this time they have been my favorite books. I have searched for a long time for the books but they are really hard to find published in Mexico in Spanish. I am very excited to know that they will have a movie, I already want to see it!

  34. I’m from Australia and I chose your book for a reading program! One of the librarians recommended I read it and now I’m up to reading ‘Shadow Sisters’. One of my teachers noticed me reading your book and actually stopped to tell me that he read it to and loved it, it was so cool. Adults and children alike enjoy Dragonkeeper, and I think that’s really cool! 🙂

  35. loved the whole series of the books it was amazing i cant wait for the movie to come out.

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