Italian Dragonkeeper

The Italian edition of Dragonkeeper—La Custode del Drago—has just been published. It’s up there on the publisher’s homepage along with Fay Weldon’s latest book, which is very exciting. They liked the new Australian cover so much that they decided to use it too.

UK Dragon Dawn

I’m pleased to announce that the UK edition of Dragon Dawn will be released on 4 June. Here is the UK cover. Pretty cool isn’t it? Just to remind you, Dragon Dawn is a prequel to the Dragon Keeper Trilogy. It is set 100 years before Dragon Keeper when Danzi was younger and more sprightly, … Continued

Japanese Garden

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a post, I’ve just about forgotten how to do it. I’ve got a couple of ideas for ongoing posts but first up I wanted to show everyone the lovely cover for the Japanese edition of Garden of the Purple Dragon. It is so sweet. Look for … Continued

Overseas Publishers

I get quite a few queries from readers around the world who want to know when my books are going to be published in their country. Unfortunately, I usually don’t know! I have very little contact with my publishers in other countries. I can tell you all about the Australian releases, but if you want … Continued

CBCA awards and new covers for Garden and Dragon Moon

Portuguese and French covers have been added the Garden of the Purple Dragon, and a US cover has been added for Dragon Moon. Carole’s Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlistings and notable book listings for 2008 have also been added for Dragon Moon, Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter and The Dragon Companion.

I’m in The Times!

Dragon Moon is out in the UK now, coinciding nicely with Chinese New Year. UK children’s book reviewer Amanda Craig has always been very supportive of the Dragonkeeper series and reviewed them favourably. We spoke on the phone recently and the result is an interview in The Times last Saturday (2 Feb). I’m thrilled to … Continued

Portuguese Dragonkeeper cover

There’s a new overseas cover up on the Dragonkeeper page. Click here to see the cover to A Guardiã do Dragão, the Portuguese edition of Dragonkeeper.

Dragon Moon Overseas

The publishers who publish the Dragonkeeper series in other countries don’t always let me know when the books will be available. So I am grateful when overseas readers let me know. Tamina tells me Dragon Moon will be out in Germany in February 2008, and Ryanne has let me know that it will be out … Continued

UK Dragon Moon Cover

Someone just sent me a picture of the UK Dragon Moon cover. (Thanks, Ryan.) Here it is. It’s lovely isn’t it? It’s always exciting to see new covers. It’s the one part of the production of a novel that the author has little to do with…and in the case of overseas covers, nothing to do … Continued