Blood Brothers

Book Four in the Dragonkeeper series

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The year is 328. It is a time of war and chaos. The once great Han Empire has disappeared and in its wake, tribes of barbarian soldiers have taken control.

Kai is 465 years old – a teenager in dragon years. He is looking for the person destined to be his dragonkeeper. He knows the chosen one is near, he can sense it.

Kai’s search has led him to Tao, but Tao is certain that Kai must be mistaken – Tao is a novice Buddhist monk. His path in life has already been chosen. Tao knows there is much work for him to do in this life, but it does not involve caring for a difficult dragon.

But Tao must listen to the voice within. He must learn that no journey reveals its true purpose until it is over.

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“Wilkinson writes with elegant simplicity and her take acquires the force of fable. Its appeal is broad: complex enough for adults yet accessible to younger readers.”

 — The Age, May 2012

“Wilkinson’s simple style underpins a depth of characterisation, understanding and moral growth… Kai and the dragons remain awe-inspiring in their beauty, comforting in their wisdom and breath-taking in their ferocity.”

 — Magpies, May 2012

Reader reviews

“Blood brothers is BRILLIANT!!! I was so glad that Kai had returned!”

 — Chloe

“I finished reading your new book Blood Brothers on the weekend and I loved it! It was such an amazing book to read.”

 — Georgie

“I finished Blood Brothers. OMG. I LOVED IT. 10/10. WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE DUE!!??”

 — Maddy, 13

“This book is brilliant.”

“I would rate this book all the stars visible in the night sky.”

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