Ten Pound Pom

Our Stories series

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Between 1945 and 1982 around one and a half million people emigrated to Australia under an assisted migration scheme. I was one of them. When I was 12 years old, my family and I travelled on a P&O liner visiting exotic ports on a 12,000-mile trip of a lifetime. For my parents, the cost of the voyage was 10 pounds each. My brother and I travelled for free.

This is my immigration story.

Ten Pound Pom is available for purchase from your local bookshop, Dymocks and Booktopia.


“The writing is accessible and compelling; the characters authentic ... This book highlights a significant chapter in Australia's modern history.”

“The blending of narrative non-fiction with supporting factual text effectively conveys the themes and ideas. The detailed illustrations immerse students in the time and place”

 — Judges' Report, Educational Publishing Awards Australia, 2018

Reader reviews

“Anelli's illustrations bring lifestyle and adventure to life ... There is much that can be discussed as a result of reading this book; both from the historical facts within the book ... as well as the experiences between those of a welcomed wanted immigrant to those who have been force to flee [their homeland] ...”