The Night We Made The Flag: A Eureka story

Book cover image

In 1854 goldminers took a stand against high mining fees on the Victorian goldfields. They rallied around a flag. The story of the Eureka Stockade is well documented. The flag flew for just a few days in 1854. The protest was crushed, the flag was torn down, and yet this flag has become a symbol of democracy and a fair go in Australia.

But what about the women who made the flag by hand? There are no records of that event, just oral stories handed down in three families. This is my story of what might have happened the night the flag was made. Young Mary wants to help. Her mother won’t let her. But before the night is over, Mary has played a crucial part in the making of the flag. It is a night she’ll never forget.

It’s my first picture book, beautifully illustrated by Sebastian Ciaffaglione.

The Night we made the Flag is currently out of print. It maybe available from your school or local library.