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Velvet S Pye stood outside the gates of Yarrabank High and a creeping feeling came over her. This was going to be the worst day, the beginning of a miserable year. In fact, the rest of her life had been ruined. Forced to leave her beloved private school and all her friends, she finds herself at grungy, sports-mad Yarrabank High.

Could things get any worse?

Sure they could.

Velvet is yet to meet her cultural studies class.

Stagefright is currently out of print. It maybe available from your school or local library. It is available as an ebook from Booktopia and Apple.


“…fun, tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted and irreverent…”

“Carole Wilkinson is, seemingly able to turn her creative hand to any genre…I found myself laughing out loud…”

“A lighthearted yet throughtful read.”

“…filled with music and poetry, movement and change, humour and delight…”