Spanish Dragon Moon and Greek Dragonkeeper covers

Covers for the Spanish edition of Dragon Moon and the Greek edition of Dragonkeeper have just been added.

6 responses to “Spanish Dragon Moon and Greek Dragonkeeper covers

  1. The Spanish cover is the best cover yet! I’m abit jealous, and I can’t believe the Greek’s have just got the first DragonKeeper! Only a few weeks left until the UK gets DragonMoon, yay!

  2. Hi Carole,
    since ur bak from ur holiday, r u currently working on a new book?

  3. I like the spanish DRAGON MOON cover but out of all of them, I like the UK one better. It really captures the time the books are set and the scene looks so beatiful. I really liked the cover of DRAGONKEEPER and was hoping they would keep the same style for GARDEN OF THE PURPLE DRAGON. I was a bit disappointed when they didnt. Still a great cover though. Im so happy that the UK publisher reverted to tht style for the finale.

    My mum and dad just rung us to tell us they are on their way home from shopping and they have my copy of DRAGON MOON. Argh! I forgot to post yesterday but it was released in the UK yesterday! Lol. Better late than never.

    I cant wait to read it!

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