Dymocks Bookclub

I am very pleased to be speaking at the Dymocks Camberwell’s First Tuesday Book Club in March. Also feeling privileged to be sitting alongside some wonderful authors — Aleesah Darlison, Hazel Edwards and Karen Viggers. We will be talking about our latest books, or in Hazel’s case celebrating a significant book birthday. I’ll be talking about my latest non-fiction book Putting Australia on the Map, which is about the (rather slow) discovery of Australia by an international cast of sailors.

Audience members will be able to quiz us on anything they like, or talk about what they’ve read recently.

Importantly (as far as I’m concerned) for an event in the early evening there will be food and drinks, all included in the price of $20.

For those who have been to one of Dymocks’ First Tuesday Book Clubs before, please note that the venue has changed. It is now at Camberwell Place on level one, above Coles.

Hope to see you there!

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