ebook Dragonkeeper series now available

I’ve had people asking me when the Dragonkeeper series will be available as ebooks for years. And I’m pleased to say digital editions are now available! You can get them in epub, Kindle and Kobo formats at iTunes, Bookworld, and Amazon. Stage fright, Sugar Sugar, Fromelles, Black Snake, Atmospheric and the Ramose series are also available as … Continued

Stagefright Blogs

I haven’t been a good blogger recently. Not on my own website anyway. I have however written two guest blogs about my latest book, Stagefright. One is an interview with George Ivanoff. The other is a blog I wrote about the difference between writing a novel set in the past and writing one in the future.

Stagefright Published

My latest book Stagefright has just been released in Australia and should be in shops now. Stagefright is the only book I’ve written that is set now. It is the story of a bunch of students at a sports-mad school, who put on a musical. The multicultural group of students, some who have musical talents, … Continued