Portuguese Dragonkeeper cover

There’s a new overseas cover up on the Dragonkeeper page. Click here to see the cover to A Guardiã do Dragão, the Portuguese edition of Dragonkeeper.

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  1. hi carole,
    i haven’t been on the computer much lately becoz my computer’s so slow. Anyway i just realised there’s so many different book covers of Dragon keeper

  2. Hello i watched a program on t.v. once and guess wat?

    they found real dragon bones in an ice cave wow!

  3. Karyn,
    I have seen that too. It was my understanding that it was a “mockumentary” not a real one. I think it would have hit the headlines if it really happened.

  4. Hi I love all three of the books in the dragon keeper series. I was just wondering, though how long you have been writing them and also are you writing a new book? And whats the book about?

  5. Hello, havn’t been here for a while, anyway it is a nice cover and the “orb” is very pretty, not long for the 3rd dragonkeeper to be released! I will be sad when there’s no more sequals, at the moment im reading some other books, there good but Dragonkepper is a special book and there’s something about it that makes it special, I dont know what(it could be because it’s the first book I have properly read through and the characters are great and it’s the first book i’ve really enjoyed) I will treasure my dragonkeeper books forever and when I haven’t got anything to read, i’ll read my dragonkeeper books again! See you for now!

  6. Geneveve,
    glad you enjoyed them. I started writing the Dragonkeeper books about 2001 I think. No I’m not writing anything at the moment. I’m on holiday.

  7. Danny,
    I am really pleased that Dragonkeeper is special for you and that it encouraged you to read. That makes me feel like it’s all worth while. Thanks for that.

  8. I have just read Dragonkeeper, because my son is required to read it for Year 7, and parents were asked to also read it.


    NEXT book Garden of the Purple Dragon


  9. i think your books are awarsom my grade is reading dragonkeeper.we are up to chapter 6.
    i think ping is a very nice name i would love my name yo be ping even though it means duckweed i dont care. did you know that if the dragonkeeper story was real i would love to swap lives with ping would you?

  10. Stephanie,
    I hope you enjoy the rest of Dragonkeeper. To be honest I don’t think I would swap my live with Ping’s. I think she has a hard life. Even if she lives happily ever after, I think life in Han Dynasty China would have been hard for ordinary people.

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