New Dragonkeeper Cover

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  1. I love how you added Hua in your first cover and how he was so important to Ping but i don’t understand why Hua had to go in the second book.I love Ping!



  2. Jessie,
    Glad you like it. It wasn’t me who put Hua there, though, it was Sebastian the artist who drew it.
    I always wanted Hua to be on the first cover, but they wouldn’t put him on.
    Hua leaving was the way the story worked out.

  3. I am nuts about the dragonkeeper trilogy!
    If I had to number my favorite books from 1-10
    Dragonkeeper would be #1.
    I even got my best friends into reading it.
    But my favorite part is in Garden of the Purple Dragon where Ping, Kai, Hua, Jun and Dong Fang Suo Defeat the necromancer.
    Love Dragon Dawn too!
    LOVE Hannah.

  4. I love this new cover. It’s funny how this is how I imagined the characters to look when I read the book. Sebastian Ciaffaglione has obviously done a wonderful job.

  5. Ugh. I like the book Dragonkeeper, but I’m not done yet. I think I would enjoy it more if WE DIN’T HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT AND TAKE TESTS ALL THE TIME! But it’s a good book.:)

  6. guy (I’m not writing all that other stuff),
    I understand. I certainly didn’t write the book so people could take tests about it! It’s supposed to be just to read for enjoyment.
    I take it that you don’t like the cover. Is that what the ‘ugh’ meant?

  7. Hi carole
    i really like the new covers on the books
    but i also like the old one !!
    i am writing a letter 2 you at the moment so ill ask u some more questions there!

  8. Its a wonderful book and I love Ping and the others. Carole you made a good book im gonna read the others:)

  9. Eray,
    Glad you are enjoying the books.
    I try not to make comments that give away the plots. If people leave comments that give too much detail about the plots, I edit them out.

  10. Hi Carole,
    I am from PLC which you visited on the 2/6/09. I really enjoyed your visit and I really enjoyed Dragonkeeper and I really enjoy reading The Garden of the Purple Dragon. The set is one of the best series I have read.

  11. Sarah,
    I’m glad you enjoyed my visit (and the books). School visits can be scary sometimes, but I enjoyed that visit too.

  12. Hi Carole, I’m a huge fan of your Dragonkeeper book series. However I’m searching for this specific Dragonkeeper book cover but can not find it in stores anymore, any way you could help? Thanks

  13. Hi Brent,
    That edition has been out of print since 2003. You could find it at a secondhand book shop.
    I recommend
    When you put in your search details, tick List Australian booksellers First. (that’s important or you’ll get a million of the US edition). I can see one from a bookshop in WA called Barclay Books which costs about $24 including postage.
    Or I have a few copies left. I could sell you one. That would be $20 plus about $10 postage.

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