Dragonkeeper Audiobooks

I’m very pleased to announce that Dragonkeeper is now available as an audiobook again. It is read beautifully by Caroline Lee.

It has been released by Bolinda. It is available from the Bolinda website, on Audible and from online bookshops (see links in the righthand sidebar of my Dragonkeeper webpage.)

Readers will be able to borrow it from participating libraries via Borrow Box from December 2017.
Garden of the Purple Dragon will be released in Feb 2018 and Dragon Moon in March 2018.

Dragonkeeper audio files will no longer be available from my website.

However Black Snake: The Daring of Ned Kelly is still available for purchase from my downloads page.


2 responses to “Dragonkeeper Audiobooks

  1. I am currently on disk four of the dragonkeeper. Somehow track eight is confusing. It starts out with chapter 10 magic at midnight and then talks about how the dragon hunter slashes the dragon but ping was at the market alone then she’s listening to birdsong. It seems out of order. I’m so confused about that section that I need to get the book now just to figure this out.

  2. Bolinda Audio is responsible for the audio books. I’m not at home at the moment, so I can’t have a look at the book. But the layout of the printed books is that after the chapter number and title, there is a little exciting snippet from the upcoming chapter in italics (I think), then a space and then the chapter begins. So I think there is a bit about the dragon hunter slashing the dragon. Then there should be a pause, before the chapter begins with Ping alone in the market.
    All the chapters have the same thing. Sorry if it’s confusing.

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