Bronze Bird Tower Out Now!

The final book in the Dragonkeeper series is available now!

I am having a launch to celebrate the publication of Bronze Bird Tower — the last book in the 6-book series.

Everyone is welcome! All ages! There will be nibbles, wine (for over 18s), and (if the baking gods are on my side) a dragon cake.

6pm, 23 March at the lovely new Readings Kids in Melbourne. (Next door to Readings Carlton).

11 responses to “Bronze Bird Tower Out Now!

  1. I am having a lot of trouble finding any of the books after Dragon Moon in the Dragonkeeper series (Or Dragon Dawn either). I would love to read these but even though the first 3 books seem to be everywhere, the other 4 are eluding me here in America (more specifically Ohio). Do you know where I might be able to find some copies? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kyle,
    I’m afraid those books have not been published in America. I wish they had, but the US publisher didn’t want to publish them.
    I can see them all for sale on with free postage to USA. There are some very cheap 2nd hand copies of Dragon Dawn.
    I would use the US booksellers listed, rather than the Book Depository, if you can. But I don’t know any of those booksellers.
    The only online bookseller I would personally recommend is an Australian one
    But that will be much more expensive for you as books cost more in Australia and you would have to pay postage.
    Sorry I can’t help more than that, I have no control over who decides to sell my books.

  3. Hi Carole – I’m trying to purchase Bronze Bird Tower, but after being out of stock for some time, it’s now available for over $40! The previous book is selling for $14. Any idea why book six is priced so high?

    Kind regards

  4. Can you please make another Dragonkeeper book I know their hard to make but me and my dad read the dragon keeper book every single night and now we have finished and now we have nothing to read your my favorite and I know it’s a lot to ask but please

  5. Hi me again I felt I sounded a little demanding in the last comment it’s just that I just finished the last book and it was amazing I loved it I’m from Braemar and my step mum works there and she told me about you and you and you sound like an awesome person I didn’t get to met you because I wasn’t at Braemar yet. Me and my dad loved the whole series I was thinking you could make a story on the old dragon haven when they found all of the bones I think it would be nice to hear more about goo Hong as well but it’s up to you thank you for making my bedtime amazing with the dragon keeper series

  6. Hi Andre, I’m really glad to hear that you and your Dad enjoyed reading the series. Getting a book published is not only up to me, it is also up to the publisher (who pays for all the books to get printed and sent to bookshops etc). They wanted me to write something different, and I was ready to write some new fiction. I have just finished the first draft of a book that involves time travel. It is something I’ve been wanting to write about for 20 years! I’m not getting any younger, so I made a decision to write that. It should be published in Aug next year.
    PS have you read all the Dragonkeeper short fiction on my downloads page? It’s free.

  7. I love the dragon keeper books, I’m from New Zealand and you are the best writer ever. I’m up to book 5 and I can’t wait to read book 6. I don’t want the series to end.

    From Ashley

  8. Glad you are enjoying my books. When you’ve finished, There are some short pieces set in the Dragonkeeper world you can download for free from my website.

  9. Hi Carole!

    I really want you to make a book seven :c i loveeee the series, its my favourite, I’m nearly finished book 4 and nearly onto book 5 and I’m super exited to see book 6 but if I don’t get a book 7 to read ill be sad, and just hearing there’s no book 7 I’m really sad :c please make a new one???

    Thanks. Louis

    And I’m not trying to be annoying or over reacting but please make a new one

  10. Louis,
    I’m really pleased to hear you are enjoying reading the Dragonkeeper series. I felt like I wouldn’t do a good job if I wrote another Dragonkeeper. I needed a change. At the moment I am writing other fiction books. Have you had a look at the short stories I’ve published on my website? On my downloads page. Scroll down to Bonus Content

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