Readers make 65 dragons

Last week I received an email from Sekolah Ciputra in Indonesia. Three Year 6 classes have been reading Dragonkeeper and this has inspired the students to make 65 papier-mâché dragons. That’s right 65! They then created a lovely park setting for them.

Apparently it took them five weeks and they used 100s of newspapers, 25 litres of glue, 1000 sheets of paper and  around 70 metres of bubble wrap. What a fantastic effort. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sekolah Ciputra dragons 7                          


Sekolah Ciputra dragons 3

Sekolah Ciputra dragons 5









Sekolah Ciputra dragons 4Sekolah Ciputra dragons 6

3 responses to “Readers make 65 dragons

  1. It is so exciting to see our dragons on your blog. We loved following Danzi and Ping and creating Taman Naga-Dragon Park was a great way to finish the year. Thank you Carole for your great stories and wonderful words. Your fans at Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya, Indonesia.

  2. Hi, Carole
    My name is stephanie
    My year 6 class has been reading The DragonKeeper
    We have been enjoying it alot
    Thankyou for writing this great book

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