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I’m very proud to announce that Blood Brothers has been short-listed for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards Patricia Wrightson Prize. This is very exciting. The winners will be announced next month and you can see the complete short list, and the short lists for other sections here.

Blood Brothers is the 4th book in the Dragonkeeper series. It has also been included in the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s list of notable books. You can see the complete list here, and the short lists for all sections here.

In other news, my picture book (I’ve only written one!) The Night We Made the Flag has been released in paperback form, at the bargain price of $16.95. It is a fictional story about the making of the Eureka Flag. This edition has a lovely new cover.

New cover for The Night We Made the Flag
New cover for The Night We Made the Flag


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  1. Cool!! I can’t wait to read it! I’ve always loved picture books, the pictures are just amazing, and they speak louder than words! I hope you get to write another picture book!

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