Awards for Dragonkeeper series

The talented Sonia Kretshmar has won the Illustrators Australia Gold Award for a books series, for her fabulous covers for the Dragonkeeper series.

Congratulations, Sonia. I love the covers, so I am delighted that they have been acknowledged in this way.

You can see more of Sonia’s lovely artwork on her website.

In other news, Blood Brothers has been shortlisted for this year’s WA Young Readers Book Award (WAYRBA) which is the children’s choice award in WA. Very exciting!

7 responses to “Awards for Dragonkeeper series

  1. I fell in love with your book!!! I read all three books in only seven days because I couldn’t come to a conclusion in falling asleep when a new chapter was waiting to be read. I sometimes wish that reality had everything; magic, mythical creatures, power etc. After reading the first one I couldn’t wait to know what the next one had waiting for me unfortunately for ping she had to take care of a mischievous dragon, Kai.
    If only I was as brave and confident as ping I would be able to stand up to my enemies and fight for what I believe in…
    You did a great job in that book and I hope I will soon read more of your fictional stories!!!

  2. Korra,
    Glad you enjoyed the Dragonkeeper books. There is another one now called Blood Brothers. It is set 400 years after the last one, but Kai is still in it.

  3. Dear Carol,

    I introduced my Year 7’s to the first chapter of your book as an excellent example of characterisation in fiction. My students loved it and have since been independently following the dragon keeper Series! Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement.

    PS We also LOVED the covers illustrated by Sonia Kretchmar. Stunning!
    Warm wishes
    Angela Hammond, Orange Anglican Grammar

  4. hi Carole. I love the dragon keeper series and find it inspiring in all different ways. I find it also useful to learn the Chinese language. but I wonder why you don’t make a movie out of it. it will surely be a huge hit.

  5. Tina,
    Glad to hear that the books inspired you. The main reason I am not making a movie is because it would cost millions of dollars, and I don’t have millions of dollars. I would love Dragonkeeper to be a movie, but I have to wait for a movie producer to want to make it. See my blog

  6. thankyou so much for replying and I deeply hope a producer notices dragon keeper very soon.

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