A New Dragon in Town

There’s a new dragon in Melbourne! And it’s a gorgeous 15-metre long, translucent water dragon, made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.¬†It is an art installation outside the Chinese Museum in Cohen Place. The artist is Claire Tracey and she designed the dragon in collaboration with school students.
















Last night I went to have a look at the dragon after dark, because as well as being made out of recycled materials, at night it is lit from inside with lights powered by solar power.

It looks fragile. I don’t know how long it will be there. You should check it out while you have the chance.

2 responses to “A New Dragon in Town

  1. Oh WOW! It looks fantastic! When I go to Melbourne next I’ll have to go see it! I just love how it is made out of recycled bottles! That is a great way of recycling!

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