Carole in Far North Queensland

In a couple of weeks I will be flying to Far North Queensland to speak at schools and libraries in the Cairns district, which is very exciting. I will be conducting Writers Workshops as part of National Year of Reading 2012 celebrations.

The library sessions are open to all and are free. I hope to meet some of my readers from up that way.

Bookings are essential.

Here are the dates and venues:

Wed    24 Oct        3.30 — 5
Atherton Public Library               16 Robert Street, Atherton                             4091 2229

Thurs 25 Oct        10.30 — 12
Tully Public Library                       34 Bryant Street, Tully                                   4043 9138

Fri       26 Oct        3.30 — 5
Mossman Public Library             14 Mill Street, Mossman                                 4099 9496

Sat      27 Oct         9.30 — 11
Manunda Library                          Raintrees Shopping Centre, Manunda          4044 3779


3 responses to “Carole in Far North Queensland

  1. We are so looking forward to you coming Carole.
    It is quite warm at the moment. Hope it is not too hot for you!

  2. How do I make my stories more descriptive. I find it so hard to describe things or landscapes in my stories!

    Do you have any tips!

    Thank you so much!

  3. Owl,
    Yes. Practise. Look at what it is you’re describing, whether it’s a real landscape or one you have invented and describe it. Start with your garden, your bedroom. Writing, as I think I’ve said before, is not easy. There are no tricks. You have to practise until you get good. You have to pick a few aspects to describe eg if it’s your room: the pile of clothes on the floor, the Winnie the Pooh poster which you are now too old for but you can’t bring yourself to take it down, the lampshade you salvaged from grandma’s shed. If you describe a few things well, then your readers will fill in the rest.
    This is my last advice to you. You’re on your own now. Practise.

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