Young Writers Competitions

I get a lot of requests from young people wanting to know how to become a writer.

This is how! You take every opportunity to write, such as entering competitions like these.

Write Across Victoria Competition

For Victorian students in years 7, 8 and 9. Write a story of up to 500 words using the story starters provided by authors Michael Pryor, Lili Wilkinson and H J Harper. Cash prizes, plus an opportunity to be published in Voiceworks magazine. Entries due 6 July.

State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award 2012

This is for Queensland writers aged 18-25. Write a story of up to 2500 words. There is a prize of $2000 as well as other great prizes. Entries due by 13 July.

What you have to do is write the best story you can. Here’s how you do that.

1. Think of an idea for your story.

2. Write the story.

3. Make it the best story you can write. Read you story carefully and see where you can make it better. Check your spelling.

4. Don’t write any more words than they’ve asked for.

Good luck and good writing.

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