Final Day of My Blog Tour

Today is the last day of my Blog Tour, and it is hosted by the Read in a Single Sitting book review site. I am talking about what it’s like to write about a culture that is not my own.

Thanks to all of my blog hosts. It’s been a whirlwind tour, which I’ve really enjoyed. I hope you have too.

And there is one last copy of Blood Brothers for someone to win.

4 responses to “Final Day of My Blog Tour

  1. Lisa,
    Click on one of the blog hosts in the right-hand margin. If they have a competition, it’s usually at the bottom after my post. It will say what you have to do. Good luck.

  2. Hi! A friend of mine from Uruguay, South America, who is a school teacher has read the first of your Dragon’s books to her class and they absolutely loved it! The thing is that she cannot find the other two books over there, there seem to be sold out and not available in any libraries either… just wondering if you know how they could get them in Spanish, of course. Thanks a lot!!

  3. Carmen,
    It’s great to know that I have readers in Uruguay. Your friend would need to contact the Spanish publisher to find out if the other two books are available there. I have no control over book distribution, particularly overseas. Otherwise she can purchase the Spanish versions from one of the online booksellers. I’m sure secondhand editions would be available for a reasonable price at Amazon or Abebooks for example.

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