Win a Complete Set of Dragonkeeper Books

Today is the second day of my Blog Tour to celebrate the publication of Blood Brothers. This blog is hosted by Michael Earp on his Little Elfman’s Bibliotherapy blog. There you will learn all about me, thanks to Michael’s penetrating questions!

Michael is offering a prize of the complete Dragonkeeper set. That is, the original trilogy with their beautiful new covers and the brand new fourth book in the series, Blood Brothers. So enter the draw for this prize and GOOD LUCK!


9 responses to “Win a Complete Set of Dragonkeeper Books

  1. My 8 year old son is reading Dragon Keeper( Ive read it too and I love it)Below is his comment.
    I am reading The Dragon Keeper. The book is EPIC!!
    (by the way, could you make the book into a movie?)
    Could you write a book where all the dragons unite with their keepers??


  2. Hi Carole,
    I am one of the girls who came and saw you at Port Melbourne at a book shop. I am from Diamond Creek and go to Diamond Creek East Primary School, and in my school the grade 5/6’s are reading Dragon Keeper. So I thought it would be interesting for you to come and talk about the series. I was wondering if you could come to my school for part of my Oral Presentation. It is one of my school projects I am doing. It’s ok if you can’t make it but I would love for you to come.

    From Sheridan
    P.S thanks for putting up my drawing of Danzi.

  3. Sheridan,
    Good to hear from you. I am glad you saw your drawing up on the website. Thanks for the invitation. I do visit schools, but I have to be invited by a teacher and I do charge a fee, so it would have to be the school who invites me.
    I hope your oral presentation goes well.

  4. Hi Carole my name is Josh Payne I’m eleven years old I just finished reading Dragon Dawn. It was a great book and I love how you set the book up for the next one Dragon Keeper. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, and other books you have written.

  5. hello i have read all the dragon keeper series now 5 time and reading it agen for the 6 time just whand to say i love them very much

  6. Hi Justin,
    Thanks for that. I’m very glad that you like the books so much. You probably know them better than I do!

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