Merry Christmas

Some things get easier the more you do it. Writing novels isn’t one of them. Not for me anyway. However…somehow it gets done. Dragonkeeper 4 is finished. It has a title. And the most gorgeous cover. It is called Blood Brothers. I’ll get one last look at it in the new year before it goes to press, but basically it’s done. Sigh.

The turkey is brining, the pudding  and mincepies are made,  the presents are wrapped. I’m looking forward to a big family Christmas lunch tomorrow. Looking forward even more to after lunch, when I can finally relax and have a break for a few weeks.

Seasons Greetings to everyone.

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  1. seriosly!? a 4th book in the DragonKeeper series?

    It seems that Dragon dawn did not get translated to swedish so my hope for this fourth one aint high.

    I havn’t read your blog for a while, reason i did today is that i re-read the three books again, it was a long time since last. This time i read all three of them in three days…and you know what, I got an idea for a short-story-novel-thingy, that would be based on your books about Ping….not that I’ll ever be abble to write a whole book, it’s just for fun. When I

  2. Hi

    I it the most wonderful news to hear that you have finished your new book! For me and for you, because I really REALLY want to get it soon!

    I hope you enjoyed christmas and that you enjoyed the fun of not having to write for a few months!

    Hope you had a GREAT christmas!

  3. Linnzy,
    Sorry about the slow response. I have been working on the book and trying to have a holiday at the same time!
    So far no overseas publishers have expressed an interest in publishing Blood Brothers. You could try writing to the Swedish publishers and suggesting they do?
    Good luck with the writing.

  4. Adele,
    The book goes to the printers today. So today is the first day I will be able to not think about writing.
    Had a good Christmas, thanks,

  5. Hi Carole,

    It is exciting news to hear there will be another book to enjoy about Ping and her journey with Dragons.
    Thank you for a wonderful trilogy.
    Are the facts mentioned about dragons eg: no wings until 1000yrs based on reference material or made up?

    Best wishes,

  6. Helen,
    The new book is not about Ping. It’s the beginning of a new story set 400 years later. Kai is in it. Most of the ‘facts’ about Chinese dragons are from Chinese mythology from books hundreds if not thousands of years old. In some cases I have developed ideas that I have found in mythology. Some things, like the fact that baby dragons are all purple, I made up.

  7. Hi I can’t believe it, a 4th one that is soooooo awesome. Plus I’ve been reading your books since I was 9 and I’m 11 now and I’ve been thinking you should make your books into a movie. Seriously your mind blowing books are way better than Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s and they’ve already made 2 movies. If you do make it into a movie I’m sure I’ll probaly see the premiere. Just to let let you know I did a story inspired by your books for NAPLAN and I got the highest score at school and I did that in year 5 and the highest grade is year 7. I wouldn’t of got the best mark if it wasn’t for you thanks. Also you don’t have to make it a movie just make it a show. Even Emma Rodda made a show and her books aren’t even that good. In addition don’y just stop at 4 keep making more books. It’s the only thing I do on a Sunday night is read your books. Why can’t more people be like you? Just to let you know i was born in the of the golden dragon so that’s why my middle names are Balde Draco.

  8. hi
    i am so excited that u are making another book! i was reading your comments and one person said to make it into a movie, i agree that that would be a great idea but i reakon you should keep it the same if u do. so do u know when the book will come out in australia? is ping mentioned in the book? how much is kai mentioned in the book? are the blood brothers good? they dont sound good.
    is kai happy?As u probally noticed i talk to much so i’ll leave u alone but could u just awnser this question for me please? do u think u would ever be able to travel to yeppoon QLD. probally not. i shouldnt of asked. sorry. i was just wondering.bye

    i understand if u do not want to reply

  9. Madi,
    If I answered all your questions I would give away too much! You will have to wait until May when it comes out.
    I have no plans to go to Yeppoon, sorry.
    I always reply to blog posts.

  10. thank u very much
    thats ok i understand
    but if ur ever traveling through yeppoon make sure to pop in
    thats ok that u cant tell me anything about the book ill just have to make sure i get one as soon as it comes out
    thank u for replying
    i am very grateful

  11. I will start talking about the new book on the blog next month. It’s just a bit too early to start talking about it yet.

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