Another Dragon Walk

I will be conducting a Dragon Walk in Melbourne on 20th Nov at 2pm, meeting at the State Library of Victoria. This is a Centre for Youth Literature event.

There are still a few places left. You must book through the Centre for Youth Literature. We’ll start in the forecourt of the State Library of Victoria and end up at the Chinese Museum and there will be many dragons in between.

24 responses to “Another Dragon Walk

  1. i really love your first book “the dragon keeper”
    someday i hope to be an author justlike you

  2. Dear Carole,

    I loved your book called Dragonkeeper and I loved how it ended how Kai got looked after by Ping. Does the dragon come back to Ping?


  3. Minna,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the book, but you will have to read Garden of the Purple Dragon to find out what happens next! If I tell everyone what happens, no one will bother to buy my books!

  4. Mary Lau,
    Glad to hear that you liked Dragonkeeper. It isn’t my first book though. I have written 17 books and Dragonkeeper was about the 8th.
    Good luck with your writing.

  5. sup carole
    im amy and i <3 ur book and our class is reading it in class at the moment. dragonkeeper is so interesting and exciting. i want 2 know how you know you know so much about chinese stuff 🙂 😀

    from am8y

  6. hi carole,
    I love your books. My class is reading the dragonkeeper at the moment, and i love it ! but i was thinking how you came up with the idea for the characters and the setting .

  7. Dear Carole,

    We are reading your book ‘the dragonkeeper’in class and the more I read the more I like it.My friend Mary and I are reading ahead of the class.Though what year was the story based in and did you start off with information on China.


  8. Wow, I used to love the Dragon keeper trilogy when I was younger and recently I was just cruising the web to see if there were any good authors in Melbourne at the moment, when I saw your Dragon Walk, I thought, hmm that author looks familiar. I straight away went to my book shelf and realised who it was. I never even imagined that you were an Australian author (Being as young as I was), but here you are living practically down the road from me! This was quite a shock to me because I didn’t think any of my favourite authors were Australian, anyway I will just leave this here c: I hope I can get a spot on this walk (Will you be signing books?) it will be a nice celebration to finish of my exams! In all respects this has been an apreciation post of Australian authors C:
    Regards, Braelie

  9. Mala,
    Glad you are enjoying the book. Dragonkeeper is set in 141 BC that is more than 2000 years ago. I started off by thinking I wanted to write a story about a Chinese dragon. Then I did some research to see what China was like 2000 years ago.

  10. Braelie,
    Sorry you missed out on a place on the dragon walk. I have no plans to do any signings in the near future, I’m afraid, but I will be doing them in May when my new book comes out.

  11. Brianna,
    I wanted to write about a Chinese dragon set in historical times. I chose to set the story in the Han Dynasty. I got the idea for the opening of the book from a Chinese History book.
    The rest of the story I made up.
    The characters also came out of my head. Apart from Liu Che who was a real person in history.

  12. i cant wait to read the new dragonkeeper book i bought dragonkeeper,garden of the purple dragon and dragon moon and i finished em i just cant wait for the new book

  13. Hi carole,

    i just have a 2 questions 4 u. in the dragon keeper does the dragon die or not????

    and how long does it take 2 write a new book????

  14. Olivia,
    It is up to you to decide what happens to Danzi.
    It takes about a year for me to write a book, and writing is my full-time job.

  15. Jason,
    Not everyone likes it, of course. You are entitled to your opinion.
    However, please don’t send impolite comments. I will just spam them. I can see the email address it comes from.

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