Dragon Walk Map

For those who were at my Melbourne Writers Festival Walking with Dragons session this morning. Here is a link to the map of dragon locations. A plan of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and where to find the dragons is here.

11 responses to “Dragon Walk Map

  1. So how is your new book going?
    You’ve made me decide to make my own book the main people are Bou Yu and Dara.
    Thax so much for helping me if you want you ca use one of my other people whos name is Meng Long.

  2. Dara,
    I sent in the first draft to the publisher this morning. Good luck with your writing. Thanks for the offer, but I have my own characters all worked out.

  3. Hi Carole,

    One of my students is trying to prepare a book trailer on Dragonkeeper. It will be very good, but it’s difficult to find copyright free images. He would like to use the cover images as part of it. Is there any chance of getting permission from the artist or publisher? Please write to me? Thanks!

  4. nicole,
    I have written 17 books. See my Books page on this website. As well as about 25 school readers.
    As I said in my post, the map was for people who attended my Dragon Walk session at the Melbourne Writers Festival. It shows where you can find dragons in Melbourne.

  5. Hi carole
    i have read the dragon keeper series over and over again, and I love books about chinese dragons. are you planning to write more dragon books?

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