Pop-up dragons

If there’s one thing I love it’s a pop-up dragon book. I have a small collection of about four of them. My daughter Lili just bought me another one for my birthday. It’s called Dragons and Monsters and it definitely contains the best pop-up dragons I’ve ever seen. The paper engineering is done by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. You might be familiar with some of their other fabulous pop-up books.

People have been experimenting with moving parts in books since the 1300s when astronomical calculators had moving paper discs. The first books that could be truly called pop-ups were made in 1800s, but the term pop-up book wasn’t coined until the 1930s.

There are several online exhibitions showing the history of pop-up books, such asĀ here and here with lots of pictures of how they evolved over time.

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  1. Is it true that according to traditional chines beliefs,qi is the life energy that flows through us and controls the working of the body.Can you really breath in the qi from the sun?

  2. Lindley,
    I don’t have a separate blog for Dragonkeeper. I blog about my books and other things here. If you click on Dragonkeeper in the tags list in the righthand column, that will bring up blogs about Dragonkeeper.
    Yes Traditional Chinese Medicine does say that qi is the life energy in our bodies. People do believe that you can increase your qi from certain exercises in the sunlight. You can read something about it here.

  3. carole,
    i cannot describe how much i love your books. I am reading dragon keeper again because i love it so much. Thanks for the reply because at school i breath in the suns Qi and my friends called me nuts and a guy called me a freak!.

  4. i did it i did it i am so happy because i moved paper with my Qi. there was paper on the table and there was no wind and i moved with my Qi because i practiced and now i can do it. hopefully later on i can move a rock!!!!!!!!

  5. Lindley,
    I am not an expert on Qi. I read something about it, and then developed the idea for my books. Sorry. You will have to do your own research.

  6. Our class is reading your book called dragonkepper, we are only up to the second chapter but i’m really into the book.

    my friend has read your book and she loved it and how it ended but she is not telling me the story (wich is good in a way) your a great author keep the good work up!!

    P.S your website is great!!

  7. Sarah,
    I’m pleased you are enjoying the book. I am very glad your friend hasn’t told you the story. I go to a lot of trouble to keep readers guessing!

  8. i LOVE your book dragon keeper it is great, its so thrilling the dragons sound so strange when u describe them .

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