First Draft Blues

I’m grumpy. Most of the time I like being a writer, but sometimes it isn’t much fun. I’m having one of the “not fun” times at the moment. I’ve been stuck in my writing for weeks. Just can’t seem to get it right. It makes me very cranky, ask my husband, ask some of my readers who have emailed or posted wanting information about me for their homework. Just lately they’ve been getting short shrift.

I took the dog for a walk this afternoon to look at the flooded creek. That didn’t help. I went and had a cup of tea with Lili. She wasn’t very sympathetic, says she’s heard me make the same complaints with every book. So I’m giving up for today.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

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  1. I read about the idea of a well of inspiration on Kate Forsyth’s site. In the march 2011 newsletter there was a very interesting interview with Christie Dickason, author of the kings daughter and many other great novels I’ve heard. I don’t know if it will help you but I hope that it will.
    It has helped me, I paint sometimes and go for walks in the grassy bushland that isn’t far from my home. I sit by the river and watch it flow. These are the things that help me, I’m not sure if they will help you, for every person is different. I don’t know exactly what it is but I think it’s doing things that help your flow. I keep track of mine in a book I’m not quite sure if she does that but I do so I can remember the feeling of being there. She says it isn’t easy to keep it full all of the time. Christie has said some things in the interview that may help explain.
    She also says that this is what she does to keep her well of inspiration full. She reads poetry, sees a movie at the cinemas, goes to an art show, sees a musical and watches a talent show on T.V.

    I hope I helped,

  2. Hi Carole,
    Your Dragonkeeper series were a few of the first proper books I ever read.A few months ago I reread them and rediscovered how well written and exciting they are. I just recently found this website and have been reading your blog a little a day. I am truly looking forward to the next book in the series and I hope you keep writing this series for a long time. Just one question, will this next book haave Kai in it?

  3. hi carol,
    i know this is a bit ‘late notice’ but i just finished ready your dragon keeper trilogy and i can honestly say they are my favourite books i have ever read! i am in love with them and wish that there was an everlasting series all about ping, jun, kai, an everyone else. but i understand why not, it takes so much effort just for one book, i am in grade 7 at the moment and my favourite subject english, and if i do say so myself, im pretty good at it. i love writing and making up storys, and i am writing one now as a matter of a fact.
    your are a very inspirational person to me, thankyou so much. love amber

  4. Paddy,
    thanks for that. I’m glad they stand up to a second read. Yes Kai is in the book I’m writing at the moment.

  5. Amber,
    I was pretty good at English when I was at school too. I’m pleased that you have found my books inspiring. Good luck with your writing.

  6. hi carole,
    i am a big fan.i love your books i am onto dragon moon.i’m nine years old and i love reading especially the dragon keeper series please reply!

  7. hi Carole my favourite animal use to be dogs but now their dragons and i called my pretend dragon Kai.i still love dogs. did you know that my sister was born in Victoria and her name is Victoria Tori for short.what’s your dogs name?

  8. Lindley,
    I’m glad to hear that you like my books. My dog’s name is Rita. You can see a picture of her here
    I live in Melbourne so I have no idea where you would buy a soft toy dragon in Brisbane. Most of the soft toy dragons I have seen are Western dragons not Chinese dragons. Manhattan Toy Company makes a Chinese one, but it is red, not green or purple like Kai.

  9. Hi carole, i am writing a Rotary speech at my school about someone who inspires me and i have chosen you, I was wondering if you had any information or details that might help me, if not, thats ok, but i would value your input. Thankyou, Amber

  10. Amber,
    That’s terrific, and thank you for choosing me as your inspirational person. I don’t know what information it is that you want. Can you be more specific?
    You can find a list of my publications on this website, as well as something about my history under About. I’m happy to answer your questions.
    I should imagine they want to hear exactly what it was that inspired you, and how you have used that inspiration, and only you can answer that. Don’t be afraid to voice your own feelings and opinions. That’s what they want to hear.
    Very best wishes for the speech.

  11. Thanks Carole :)I was just looking for some details about your childhood,Early years,if and how many childen you have and maybe what inspired you to start writing. I think i have found where you were born and when, 1959, Derby, England, is that right? after the start of my speech and telling a little about your childhood about i was going to base it around your writing career, and mainly your triliogy of Dragon Keeper, which is my favourites of all your books. I was also wondering if you had a favourite book out of the ones you have written?. thankyou again for helping me, Amber

  12. Amber,
    I was born in 1950. had an uneventful childhood. Emigrating to Australia when I was 12 was the most important event of my younger life. I wrote 3 poems when I was at school and after that the only thing I wrote was a diary, until I did Creative Writing at Uni as a mature-aged student. I can’t explain how I decided to try writing. It wasn’t a light-bulb moment. It was a lot of slow steps that eventually gave me the confidence to try writing, and then brought me to writing for children.
    I don’t have a favourite book of my own. I have to invest a lot of time and energy into each of them.
    Hope that helps.

  13. Thankyou very much Carol, and it did help 🙂 and good luck with writing your new book, about kai and one of pings relatives? look forward to reading it when it comes out in book stores 🙂 Again, thankyou for your help. Amber

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