Dragon Protector

About 25 years ago, when we were renovating our house, my husband John carved a dragon to put on the roof. This was a long time before I even started thinking about writing about dragons. The dragon has watched over us ever since.

John is painting the outside of the house at the moment and he had a close look at the dragon for the first time in a while. The dragon needed some serious attention to stop him rotting away entirely but hopefully he’ll be up there watching over us for a lot longer yet.

8 responses to “Dragon Protector

  1. Hi I loved your book Dragon keeper now i am going to check out Dragon Dawn and book 2 i forget what it is called but can you keep wrighting the books i want to keepi seeing what happens to pin kai and maybe danzi

  2. George,
    Glad you liked the Dragonkeeper. I hope you enjoy Garden of the Purple Dragon and Dragon Moon as well. Dragon Dawn is a prequel.
    I am thinking about writing about another one, but it will not be about Ping and Danzi. Anyway you have to read all the others before you’ll be ready for another one!

  3. Ive just finished reading your first book…Dragon Keeper, I was hooked…Which one is your second? They dont have numbers on your website. And im looking forward to reading it.

  4. Nikki,
    Yes the new book will be about Kai.
    The girl on the original cover of Dragonkeeper is called Tiffany. She is a Melbourne schoolgirl (she might be at uni now!).

  5. Cj M,
    Glad you liked the first book. Garden of the Purple Dragon is the second book. Dragon Moon is the third. Dragon Dawn is a prequel. If you click on the tiles on the top left of this page, it does tell you which order they come in on the individual page for each book.

  6. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your dragon books over and over since they came out and I love all of them.
    I have always loved dragons and your books make me love them more. I am just thanking you for writing such amazing books, a real good read and they have got me through some hard times.

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