Replace Hazelwood

Hazelwood power station is still there. Still churning out 650,000 black balloons full of greenhouse gases per minute. The other day I made a small donation to Environment Victoria to help them with their Replace Hazelwood Campaign. Straight afterwards, I went out and there was a brand new billboard above the Dim Sim factory just down the road from where I live. That’s instant action for your money! Here’s their YouTube clip of them putting up the banner.

Last night the climate change group I belong to won the inaugural City of Yarra Sustainability Award for community action. That was very nice. We spend a lot of our time hassling the local council to do more things to help make a safe climate, and they gave us an award for it!

2 responses to “Replace Hazelwood

  1. Congrulations. And I like the instant result on donations. It’s encouraging that donating can be so effective.

  2. My spelling on my comment was remarkably excellent: “congrulations” must be a congruence of congratulations.

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