Another KROC

I just got a certificate in the post telling me that Garden of the Purple Dragon won the 2009 ┬áKROC Award for Best Fiction for Older Readers, which is terrific. (The KROCs are the Children’s Choice Awards in the Northern Territory). So thanks to all those readers who voted for the book, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help eat the crocodile ice-cream cake which must have been yummy.

4 responses to “Another KROC

  1. Congratulations!I loved the trilogy.I have a question to ask you and my older sister,Nicole(she comes here often)told me the website.She loves the trilogy too.Someday,I’m gonna recommend this book to my baby sister,Faith.
    The question is:What happened to Liu Che?
    I want to be a writer like you when I grow up.You are amazing and my idol:)

    P.S;I am nine this year.My sister is thirteen.:)bye.

  2. Diamone,
    Glad to hear that you and your sister enjoyed reading the Dragonkeeper books.
    In the world of Dragonkeeper, I don’t know what happens to Liu Che. I haven’t imagined that yet.
    In the real world, Liu Che reigned as emperor Wudi for 54 years.
    You can read about him on Wikipedia:
    I like to tell readers to imagine for themselves what happens next. What would you like to happen to Liu Che?

  3. Hiiii Carole!!!!!!oooh.havent written to you in a long time,huh?I sometimes wonder why Liu Che isnt with Ping.They look soooooo cute together><You said that Liu Che was a REAL Emperor,right?Do you think he would be offended in any way?

  4. Diamone,
    Yes he was a real emperor. I don’t know if he would be offended by my rewriting his life. It doesn’t really matter as he’s been dead for 2000 years!

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