On Tuesday I went up to Sydney for two award ceremonies. The first was the KOALA Awards (the NSW children’s choice awards) which were held at the Parramatta Town Hall. I’m very pleased to say that Garden of the Purple Dragon won the award for older readers! Honour books were Give Peas a Chance by Morris Gleitzman  and the  Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flanagan. You can see the winners of the other categories here.

Alyssa and me

(Above) This is Alyssa Brugman and I at the Awards. (Below) My KOALA winner’s mug.

Winner's mug

The second awards ceremony was the NSW Premier’s History Awards. My book The Night We Made the Flag was shortlisted.  I didn’t win that one, the winner was Anthony Hill for his book Captain Cook’s Apprentice.

Congratulations to all the winners.

8 responses to “KOALA Win

  1. If i were there, i would have given dragonkeeper, garden of the purple dragon, and dragon moon awards… 😛 congratulations anyway! cool mug by the way… I also had a question. I really got into the book about dragons (but only the general information section)and read that a sragon is born when the father’s cry makes the wind rise and the mothers makes it go down. knowing this, how did kai hatch? It may be for the sake of the story but i just wanted to make sure i’m not missing something

  2. oh wow Rafael,im lost.=_=.lols.I have a question for you too,Carole.Did kai ever see danzi and Luyu?I think its a pity she died before her only son hatched…

  3. Hello Carole,
    I read your book Dragonkeeper. Are you gonna publish more of your books in Holland please. I would like that very much.
    greatings Lennart from the Netherlands.

  4. Rafael,
    As I said on the other post, I use what I want for the story. Kai’s mother couldn’t be there. I read the mythology and then make up my own version.

  5. nicole,
    Kai couldn’t have seen his mother since she died before he was hatched. He saw Danzi as he was there when he was hatched.

  6. Dear Carole,

    I just got done reading “The Dragon Keeper”. Thanks for writing this book. It

  7. Mary Kate,
    You definitely get the prize for the longest blog comment and I really enjoyed reading your reactions to the book, but unfortunately I have had to edit out your comments as they gave away the entire story, and sometimes people are reading this blog looking for something to read, and they wouldn’t read it if they knew what was going to happen. I hope you don’t mind.
    I have written more! There are four Dragon Keeper books. The trilogy and a prequel (which is only published in Australia and UK). So you have a way to go before you have run out.

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