Ramose Reborn

My Ramose series, set in ancient Egypt, is being released in a new format in Australia. The first book in the series and the second book are together in a new edition called The Valley of the Tombs. Here is the new cover.

I think it looks terrific. Next year the second volume will be published which will contain the third and the fourth books of the series.

For those who aren’t familiar with this series, it is about Prince Ramose who was a real person in ancient Egypt. He was the son of Pharaoh Tuthmosis I and the brother of Queen Hatshepsut. Historians haven’t found any information about Ramose, so I have made up a story of what I imagine his life was like.

Similar editions of Ramose have also been published in the UK, but with different covers and different titles. Over there, the first edition containing the first two books is called Fury of the Gods.

This is the UK cover. Also a great cover. I am always amazed at how different the covers are in different countries.

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  1. wow brilliant covers !

    those books were actually the first of your books that i read…. but then of course i read others

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