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Like many people I am worried about climate change. I got so angry about the Australian Federal Government’s pathetic Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, that I have joined my local climate action group, Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN). The targets are way too low and will not result in the emissions reduction that scientists tells us are necessary to avoid dangerous climate change. Any reductions in emissions that you and I achieve will be given away as permits for big polluting industries permits to continue polluting.
YCAN is compiling a visual petition on Flickr in protest of the CPRS. Here is my photo on the petition.

If you live in Melbourne and you’d like to take part in the visual petition, YCAN will have a stall at the Farmers Market at the Abbotsford Convent (St Helliers St, Abbotsford) this Saturday, 23 May from 8am-1pm. You can have your photo taken with our cardboard Kev and the speech bubble of your choice. I’ll be there.





Dr Richard Denniss of the Australian Institute explains clearly how the CPRS fails to address emissions reduction in this YouTube video

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  1. I usually see Kevin Rudd on some sundays at church cuz yeah he goes to the same church as me.
    I got to meet him and talk to him with some older ladies and some of my church friends and he was really nice to me and them! His wife always smiles to me and my church friends and she is really nice too! But Mr.Rudd may have some annoying comments/statements too…

  2. By the way what is with the cardboard Kev?
    I mean yeah its about the Australian Federal Government

  3. (When I said it dosen’t matter I meant what I said it dosen’t matter not about the pollution thingie).

  4. Rosaria,
    I’ve got nothing against Kevin Rudd as a person. But I think his Climate Change policy is terrible.
    We can’t tell Mr Rudd in person what we think, so we have a cardboard cutout of him and post the photos on the web so that he knows how many people are unhappy with this policy.

  5. Let me tell you this you are very interesting . Because you have a long good histery and you have done alot of work.I am serperised that you got that video on your website!

  6. hmm yehh…. if every acted we can make a change to the world. My family has been doin this stuff for years in Indonesia and asia helping the “slums” of society, so i guess one person can be an ispiration for others to follow!


  7. Connor,
    Yep, effective action is always just a lot of single people all deciding they are willing to do something to change things. It sounds like you have a very good family.

  8. i think climate change will end the world if we don’t do somethingnow, particularly with the rsing demands and population. te rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

  9. has anyone seen the photo of the crawling, dying child and the waiting vulture in Africa?

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