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I recently received an email from a reader in the US. She was taking issue with the Chinese language puzzles that feature in Dragon Moon. She was learning Chinese and she thought I had got something wrong. I realised that her confusion was because the illustrations of the map that Ping follows don’t appear in the US edition. I had a look through some of the other overseas editions and found that the French edition doesn’t have any maps at all. So I have asked my webmaster to put the map and puzzle images from all the Dragonkeeper books on the web pages for the individual books, eg go to the web page for Garden of the Purple Dragon,¬†scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the thumbnail of the map. That will bring up the map of Ming Yang Lodge. This one is my favourite. I drew a very rough plan of the Lodge and Julian Bru√®re¬†transformed it into a work of art.

Now if you have editions that don’t have these illustrations, you can find them online. Also if anyone would like to print a map, there is a printable version as well.

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  1. Nice book was really intensive at times but really good thanx for writing it.

  2. you should make a new dragon keeper book and it might just have kai and the other 8 dragons in it or pingss asleep and wakes up with a pain wich is her second sight saying kai is in trouble

  3. Hi carole,Ive just read dragonkeeper and it was sooo nice.Except for one part.ping wanted to find out bout the dragonkeeping families,then I think it was minister ji that said ‘in the first year of emperor wu…’but i thought the name empeoror wudi came after he died?

  4. Nicole,
    Yes that’s what I read, but they must have called him something to distinguish him from other Emperors in his lifetime. I just don’t know what that was. I wanted to use an official sounding title, so that’s what I used.
    I do make stuff up in my books!

  5. i agree with curtis, maybe there is something happening at the haven and
    they beleive its because there is an inauspicous number of dragons at the
    haven (8) and try to find ping but also come across another cluster of
    dragons and find out that there are loads of clusters over places out of
    the empire thanks to the help of kais scale which gives her the wisdom of
    5 dragons in her dreams since its from a five colour dragon

  6. Miss. Wilkinson, I love your books, they are one the best series I have ever read. I think it is very clever to write about dragons of the empire who is about to be lead by a slave to the empire. I think the idea is very interesting. Where did you come up with the idea? I am very sad that you aren’t making a fourth one, the last one made me cry, I thought it was brilliant. I show your books to my dad, and he loves them too. I think that they are very interesting and cool.

  7. constanza,
    Sorry it has taken a long time to answer. I couldn’t find anyone to translate your comment.
    You must write to the Spanish publisher to find out if they are going to publish Dragon Dawn. They decide, not me.
    Thank you for your suggestions for a fourth book, but I am writing other books at the moment.
    Thank you for your interest in my books.

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