In Perth

I had a good time at the Perth Writers Festival. Lots of people came to my sessions, which was great.

One session was with Leigh Hobbs who writes the Old Tom books (among other things). It was interesting for me to hear how he writes his books and illustrates them.

I’ll be back in Perth again in a couple of weeks for the All Saints Literature Festival.

Here is a photo of Leigh and I at the Festival.

12 responses to “In Perth

  1. Hi Carole! I cannot wait for Dragon Dawn to come out in the UK. Do you know what the cover is going to look like? It hasn’t been revealed yet and I am dying to see it!

    Best wishes,


  2. hi carole,
    I have not blogged for a ehile because I was busy doing school work on my natural disaster project,volcanoes.
    by the way the picture looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    especially the book covers on top.
    oh and if you are wondering why I am blogging in school time, we have to do reports on something and I chose you! so I took a small chance and went on your website.

  3. by the way
    is it true that u spent weeks reaserching if there were daffodils in han dynasty china???????????

  4. Rosaria,
    I did spend a lot of time looking through books and websites to find where daffodils originally grew.

  5. Hi Carole! I love your Dragon Keeper series! I like all the descriptions you put into your stories! My favorite character is Kai. I was just wondering how many Dragon Keeper books there will be.


    P.S Could you visit me and my friend’s website? It is if you could that would be wonderful!

  6. Caylee,
    I’m pleased to hear that you like the Dragonkeeper books. There are four books, the trilogy and a prequel. I don’t have any plans to write anymore at the moment.
    I had a look at your website. It looks great.

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