Last week was when the announcements were made for various Australian children’s choice awards—YABBA in Victoria, KOALA in NSW, COOL in ACT and KROC in Northern Territory. I went to the YABBA award ceremony at Ashburton Primary School. Dragon Moon was shortlisted for the new category of Fiction for Years 7-9. It didn’t win the YABBA but it did win the COOL and the KROC, and it was Honour Book in the KOALA.

It was a very tough shortlist with books like Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin, Evil Genius by Catherine Jinx and Runestone by Anna Ciddor, so I am very proud to have won.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Check out all the YABBA, KOALA, and COOL winners (I couldn’t find a website for the KROCs). Congratulations to them all.

Thanks to Karen Tayleur for the photos.

19 responses to “COOL and KROC

  1. Sorry to bother you Carole, but I won a fifty-five word story competition from years 7-8.
    “The Anonymous One” (Zach) Also won but in a different catagory (1000 word story competition), we didn’t get anything apart from a certificate.

    I wouldn’t mind sending the story I did to you but I do not want to interrupt your writing.
    I don’t even know your e-mail address.

  2. Pizza,
    Congratulations! Winning a competition is terrific.
    I’m sorry, I can’t read your story though. See my FAQs for why.

  3. No problem.
    I’ve started writing a new story, I’m planning on making it fairly long. I’m only thirteen but I think by June next year I might have it finished. I have set myself a goal, just to do 100 words a day. It’s not much but I don’t like writing all day. No plans on publishing it though.

  4. I have not blogged for a while but I feel very happy for you!Anyway Congrats on winning the COOL and the KROC!

  5. No afence but i think your book careless wishes suckes! Because it didn’t catch my attention, like and it didn’t have any action like you would think mr chow mong would be a marshll arts marster like Jackie chan
    From yours truely Jake

  6. Jake,
    I don’t expect to please everyone with my stories. And you are entitled to your opinion.
    I wasn’t an action book, so I would never put martial arts in it. Not all Chinese people do martial arts!

  7. hi carole i personally love your writing style especially in the dragonkeeper series, but careless wishes just didnt have the same appeal to me. Jake i dont agree with you though it doesnt suck, and thats not how you spell offence

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