Dragon Dawn Launch

My new book Dragon Dawn will be launched here in Melbourne next week. Everyone is welcome to come along and help me celebrate. I hope to see some of you there.

6.30pm on Thursday 9 October
at Reader’s Feast Bookstore Melbourne
Midtown Plaza
cnr Bourke and Swanston Plaza

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  1. Carole,
    Today after lunch at school there was a writers workshop in the library for the grade 9/10 creative writing students and some grade 7 and 8 students as well (I’m in grade 7). I got to go and your daughter was there! It was really cool. There were three other authors talking about their books as well. Now I have met you and Lili! (I met you at a book signing about a month ago.

  2. Will DragonDawn ever come to the USA? I want to read it. I adore your books. I have the whole series and I’m one of Hawaii’s biggest fans! You have got to make more books,Carole. they are the best books I’ve ever read.
    Ashlyn (12)

  3. Ashlyn,
    I don’t know if the US publisher will publish Dragon Dawn. It’s up to them. Perhaps you could email them and tell them you’d like to read it.
    No Danzi does not breath fire. Chinese dragons breath steam or mist, not fire.

  4. If Dragon speak sounds like metal to others, how is it comprehendible to others? Also, will Dragon Moon be published in the U.K? I hope so!!!

  5. hi carole!!! i really like your books. i have all the dragonkeeper series and have read them at least times. will you write a book about Ping before she was sold to master lan?

  6. Robert,
    The sounds have meaning to other dragons, but most people can’t understand the sounds. Only Dragonkeepers can and they hear the meaning in their minds.

  7. Belinda,
    I have written this book about Danzi before the beginning of Dragonkeeper. I think Ping would have just led a miserable life, where as Danzi would have had lots of adventures.

  8. I had to read Dragonkeeper for school this week (I go to Shelford) and usually the books they pick for us are really dry and boring.
    This time we got a choice out of 6 books and I chose Dragonkeeper, it was amazing!! One of the best books I’ve read this year! Also last year I read Lili’s book Scatterheat which I own and that is also amazingly amazing! Keep up the GREAT work!

  9. hi carole
    OMG i absolutely adore ur books!!!!! my aunt bought me dragonkeeper for my 12th birthday and i loved!!! i made my dad read it 2 and he also loves them
    i was sooooo excited wen u wrote 2 more!!! i bought them as soon as my local bookshop got them in!!! i havnt read dragon dawn yet but i cant wait 2 get it!!!!
    i think u r an amazing writer the books are really well written and i luv the fact that u never kno wats going 2 happen next!!!!

    luv lyze xxx:P

  10. Yay! New dragonkeeper book!
    Can’t wait to get it.
    I really enjoyed the other books
    with my friend Catta.
    We both love dragons.
    The books are sooo detailed. It was like I was actually standing there witnessing the event.
    And now… Theres a new book!!!!!!
    It’s now on the top of my must have list.

    Thanks for the brill reads.

    Sarah s (and Catta)
    14 years of age, Tasmania
    =D+<=D+<=D+<=D+<=D+<=D+<=D+<=D+< <- smiley tower lol

  11. carole, did u always know u were gonna b a writer? how did u come up with the idea 4 dragonkeeper? i really wanna b a writer but i can never think of a good story idea…
    i so wish i could hav gone 2 the thing in melbourne but i live in the blue mountains in nsw so if u eva have book signings or something in sydney or the blue mountains plz let me kno coz i would luv 2 meet u!!
    and, ok… i kno this is off topic but carole, hav u read the witches of eileanan by kate forsyth? theyre really good (almost, but not quite as good as ur books!!!)

  12. lyzie,
    No I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I was 40. If you go to my FAQs page, I have written something about my inspiration for Dragonkeeper
    No I haven’t read The Witches of Eileanan. I don’t read a lot of kids’ books. I prefer not to know what other people are writing about.

  13. i probably wouldnt recommend the witches of eileanan 2 any1 under mayb 14/15….. my dad read them 2 nd he reckons i shouldnt hav read them nd i am 15 so i wouldnt exactly classify them as childrens books!!!

  14. Lyzie,
    I classify “kids’ books” as anything for anybody under 16. I didn’t mean that I don’t read them because I think they aren’t sophisticated enough. I find they have better stories than most adult books. What I worry about is unintentionally picking up ideas from them. That’s why I don’t read a lot of them.

  15. OMG!!! I had no idea that Dragon Dawn was coming out. I was just searching for reviews on the Dragonkeeper series beacuse I have to promote the series at my school. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! Will Dragon Dawn be published in New Zealand?

  16. Maya,
    It is already available in NZ. If your local bookshop hasn’t got it, they should be able to get it in for you. Scholastic is the distributor.

  17. mello how r u anay whos i think that ur precall will b great just like ur first series which i just so happen to have its to bad that ur goin to melborne because i live up in townsville which is amazing just lyk ur books i hope u give a speech up here

  18. nat da rat,
    Had a bit of trouble reading your comment.
    I live in Melbourne, that’s why the book launch is here. Maybe I’ll go to Townsville one day.

  19. HI carole!!!!

    i am so happy that you are writing a new book but i am still a bit confused. is this a book about before ping finds out she is the true dragon keeper? like before he gets taken to huangling mountain???? well oh well. i love your books i have read all three so far. I cant wait to find out if my mom can order it for me. all of my class has read the first book as an assignment and many of us went on to read all the rest!!!!

  20. Taylor,
    The book is written. It came out in Australia in September.
    It is not about Ping at all. It is set 100 years before Dragonkeeper, well before she was born.
    It has not been published in the US yet, I’m afraid.

  21. Hi Carole My name is Aidan and I have read 2 of your books Which are dragon keeper the first book published and dragon moon. I am hoping that a new book will be published because I keep on reading my dragon keeper books. I felt sad that kai [plot spoiler removed]. I have ideas for the next book. Another dragn had been born and 10 is another unlucky number so a dragon has to leave but no one wants to leave so kai decides to leave meanwhille ping and Jun are going back to Juns home kai comes down on tuns back and explains everything to ping and ping bursts into tears with happynes and dragon hunters are after them. Ping gets married with jun and they have to escape and another sorcerer they have to battle and theyre on the run. there are wanted posters of them everywhere and I hope there are more books to come after that thank you.

  22. Hi carole its me again could you make dvds for the series because it would look soooo COOOL!!!!

  23. I understand I could ask a famous movie maker and they could make the movie like lucas arts. If you know any people that is a movie maker you could ask them maybe. Because I personally think it would make a great movie.

  24. Aidan,
    Yes I think it would make a good movie. I have had interest from a couple of movie producers. It has to be the right one though.

  25. Hi Carole, I just wanted to say that I wish all your books were in the U.S. I really love the Dragon Keeper book’s and your other books look really good,too. I think your books are great for all ages and I wish I could come see you at a book signing…

  26. Tatianna,
    I wish all my books were available in the US too! It’s out of my hands unfortunately. Perhaps I’ll visit the US one day.

  27. Hi,Carole!I m Nicole and I come from Singapore.Me and my friend Natasha looooooooooovvvvvveeeeeee ypur dragonkeeper series.It is so touching and beautiful and funny!when I heard about dragondawn,I squealed the house down(thats how excited I am)I told myself that I HAD to get that book for my birthday which is in march.I am asking around but no one seems to know.(how sad!).

  28. Hi, To bad I am in Maine US they better come out with Dragon Dawn in US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I’ve read Garden Of the Purple Dragon now! It was great! But also a bit sad too, now I’m reading Dragon Moon! I’ve already read Dragon Dawn ages ago…I’ve actually bought the book! I still like to read it all over again, sometimes. I enjoy reading Danzi’s,Ping’s, and Kai’s adventures. Thank you for making the series.

  30. hi Carole!I am the Natasha- Nicole was talking about(call me Nat)Nic(that`s what i call her in school)also writes what happens after dragon moon…ping has 3children and coincidentally one of them is also called LiLi too!!!!!by the way today`s our school sports day^-^

  31. Nicole`s story…..she was 10000000% reluctant to say about her story so i just tell you on her behalf!
    ping married jun and had 3 children-quan,lili and (oops i forgot!),then one day,the emperor-liu che came to ping`s home he gave her another dragon stone found in the dungeon.Luyu laid one more before she died.It was sky blue.(I WILL LET NICOLE TELL THE REST!)

  32. They have to publish the book I can not LIVE without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is illegal to continue someone else’s book. So I don’t see why it matters. But I love the ending of Dragon Moon I remembered it by heart!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kelly,
    Glad you enjoyed it. You couldn’t have read Dragon Dawn “ages ago”, it was only published last September. Are you thinking of the first book, Dragonkeeper?

  34. Zane,
    That’s how the cover illustrator drew it. Chinese dragon’s do have hairy manes.
    What red parts???
    If you get the US version in Canada, no it won’t come to Canada. If you get the UK version, yes it will.

  35. Becky,
    I think you are the first person to say they loved the ending of Dragon Moon! Most people say it’s too sad. I don’t think it is.

  36. my com broke down so I couldnt blog.my story is personal and I dont see why nat has the right to post it!sorry about the coincidence.sports day rocked.my team(joan)won.nats in bernadette.

  37. Hi Carole! I’m currently in canada and I couldn’t seem to find where “Dragon Dawn” in public library websites. I want to read it.

    Anyways, I’ve read all three Dragon books; they were great, but in the end I didn’t want Ping to be married to Jun. I want the story to continue somehow :[ .. anyways, I really really really love adventurous and magical storys, I hope you can write more of those books!

  38. Jason,
    that’s because the US publisher has decided not to publish it in the US. So it won’t be available in Canada. (I assume you get the US edition).
    I didn’t say Ping married Jun! You can imagine what happens next any way you like!

  39. dragon keeper series awsome but i want a new book something like the future

  40. Hello Carole. First I would like to say I love the Dragon Keeper series even at the age of 20! I have and cherish all three of the installments. But from what I hear the book Dragon Dawn will not be published here in the United States. Would I be able to find it in English anywhere or maybe translated. If so where can I find it. I would love nothing more than to read what happened to Danzi and many others so your answer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  41. Suspa,
    Glad to hear you like the books. That’s right, the US publisher is not publishing Dragon Dawn. It is only available in UK and Australia. You can buy it direct from the publisher
    or try your luck on one of the online bookstores eg
    or amazon
    Good luck!

  42. Hello Carole! I’m from Argentina. Some weeks ago, the first book of dragonkeeper came to me and I have to admit that at first, I thought it was boring, but now that I’ve finished it, I love it!
    I’m trying to get the other books, but it’s impossible!(forget about thinking in getting your other books, those that have nothing to do with dragonkeeper)The printing house is not going to bring it to my country, so I’m trying to find it on the web…Do you have any idea where I can find it on Spanish? because my little brother doesnt speak English, so I have to buy it in Spanish for him.
    I love your books!!

  43. Adriana,
    I am glad to hear that you kept reading and ended up enjoying the book. You should be able to get the other two books in the series from the shop where you got Dragonkeeper. If they haven’t got it in stock, they should order it for you.
    I am sorry I can’t help you further, as I have nothing to do with book distribution. You could try emailing the Spanish publisher. This is their website
    Otherwise you could try an online bookstore. I had a look on Amazon and at http://www.abebooks.com and they were available at both.
    Hope you find them.

  44. hey carole, i read the first two books about 3 years ago ans i completely forgot about the writing on the back for the next book. anyway, now ive read it, i think the book itself ( as in the story) was really good, just that ping easily accepted that she would never see kai again was…
    odd. she went through hell two times for kai and she just left, was a bit unrealistic. and kais solution to winning the fight was, if im honest, a bit cheap. but i loved everything else about the series and i nearly cried when it was finished, are you sure that you have finished it? plaese write one more book!!!

  45. Tony,
    I appreciate your comments about the ending, but I have no regrets about the way I wrote it. For me it all made sense.
    I am thinking about writing another book…..

  46. i loved the 3 dragon books i have read so far i loved the end of Drangon moon but i cryed. i am so glad that you have a 4th book i dident now until well just then. do you think you could write another one and tell how Ping and Jun go and maybe she meets Danzi again and he needs help with something that would be so awesome. i love the books so much that i am reading the books all over again and i look forward to reading Dragon Dawn 🙂

  47. Gabrielle,
    I am glad you have enjoyed reading the books. Dragon Dawn, is a prequel to the trilogy. Danzi is in it but it is set before Ping was born.
    I have no plans to write another book about Ping. Sorry. I explained why in a blog I wrote a while ago. You can see it here.
    I am writing another Dragonkeeper novel, however. I am writing it now. But again it is not about Ping. You can read more about this book here.

  48. Hi Carole
    I have just read Dragon Dawn with the hope of buying a class set for my class of 11/12 yearolds as part of our China theme under the new Australian Curriculum. I wondered if there are any teaching notes available? One site said they were available from the publisher but I have not been able to source them. Many thanks

  49. i started reading dragonkeeper in year seven i have to admit i hated it i thought that it was boring up untill the bit where ping flys off with the stone and danzi.i love these books and i love u for making them i will post any more questions about these books her ok thnx CAROLE
    this book has opened my heart to reading again!

  50. Aimee,
    I’m very pleased to hear that my book has turned you in to reading (eventually). I hope you enjoy reading many more books.

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