Carole at Shearers in Sydney

This week I will be in Sydney. Shearers Bookshop in Leichhardt is hosting an after-school event where I will be speaking.

If anyone in Sydney would like to come and listen to me talk about my books—old and new—I’d love to see you there.

Time: 4pm

Date: Wed 3 Sep

Place: 99 Norton St, Leichhardt

For more information visit the Shearers website. Apparently there will be milkshakes!

It’s free but you must book. Call 9572 7766.

23 responses to “Carole at Shearers in Sydney

  1. cool……. WOOT WOOT I got hatshepsut today…… I thought it would be bigger but i guess the seires is big….. I already have finished it and i think that it was quite a good read.

  2. yerr she did, Although I had seen a documantry a few months ago…. when I saw the picture of the mummy in the book i had to ask you this question!!! I have seen a real mummy of a woman about the same size of her and she was in her real bandeges and just if you hadn’t ever seen one in real life (even though i think you have)it had about a two mens width of bandages on it on each angle of her so in the picture what happened to all of hers were they all gone…. And this women ( her name was Keku ) was around at the time of Tutankhamun some thinks they are realated some how so Hatshepsuts bandages couldn’t of broken down with only a about one hundred years difference between them plus hatshepsuts mummy was found way before Keku’s so Im sorta lost????

  3. Carol i need ur help about your book with an english assignment. Are there any picsof Danzi anywher or character profiles. It would make things so much easier.

  4. Ella,
    Yes I always reply. But not instantly! I already replied to your request on one of the other blogs, Dragonkeeper website, earlier to day.
    As I said, there are no pictures of the characters. It is up to readers to create there own pictures in their heads. You will find a picture of what someone else imagine he looks like at
    There are no character profiles I am afraid. I suspect your teacher wants you to write your own. What did you think the characters were like?
    Sorry I can’t help anymore than that. Good luck.

  5. Thank you so much carole, i handed in my assignment and i am really happy with myself.
    i love your books so much i dont think i could eva write as good as you, but i want to be an author when i grow up.

  6. Hi,Carole. I’m working on a book called DragonBlood.I’ll show you the first part.its just a few sentences.Can you tell me how it is? Two friends were sitting on a rock chatting and laughing.The girl stopped laughing.Here nails started turning black!They grew longer and turned into claws.Her face turned into a snout.Something sharp came ripping out of her skin!They were scales.Horns grew out of her head.Her body grew longer and longer.She grew a tail.Her eyes turned blood red.It was a dragon.The dragon stood on its hind legs and let out a mighty roar.The other friend ran away. Marcey opened her eyes.Her body shook with fear.She looked at her trembling hands.They were not claws.She felt her head for horns.She didn’t have any.It was just a dream,a dream that always creeps into her sleep. I can’t tell anymore,the other parts are way too long.Does it need more work?Do you like it?Please tell me.I need to know so I can work on it if its bad.

  7. Ashlyn,
    I think it sounds like a good idea.
    I can’t make more comments than that. I’m sorry. Normally I don’t read stories that people send in to me. Otherwise I would always be reading and writing comments and I would never get a chance to write myself.

  8. hey Carole!,
    im your biggest fans i have read all your books and i can never stop!.I just finished your third book and i really want a fourth one to come out and say what happens next!.I was really upset when ping left and i would like to hear of Kai and the other Dragons again.I love your books and i told my mum about them and now shes starting to read the first one i have never borrowed them i always but them cause i just lve your books please keep writing on what happens and i was just wondering does Danzi come back and see Kai as he has grown up ?
    well yea bye write back please

  9. ohh and Please i am like obsessed with your books ohh and when i wrote on it i was ment to say that i always buy them hehe

  10. Lilee,
    That is a very big question. My childhood was fine. I don’t really know what you want to know. Can you be a bit more specific?

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