Dragon Moon Wins CBCA Award

Today the Children’s Book Council of Australia announced the winners of their annual awards. And I am delighted to say that Dragon Moon was the winner of the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers Award.

I was absolutely thrilled as you can imagine. Often sequels get overlooked by reviewers and judges, so I was very pleased that it won. I know how much kids like to read a series of books, so it is fantastic that the CBCA have selected Dragon Moon.

Congratulations to the other winners.

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  1. Congratulations. I have only just discovered your earlier book, Dragonkeeper, but I loved it and am on my way to buy the next two on Thursday night. Beautifully written!

  2. Hi Carole
    Guess what? I got two books signed by you on Saturday at the Hobart Bookshop-Yay!

  3. Hey Carol!
    I’ve read your books and I loved them. My teacher read us Dragokeeper, but decided to read another book, but I insisted on reading the rest, so, I borrowed them from a library and read them in a mere 2 days. Shere excitement hit me on every page!
    I’m 12, and I hope to write like you someday 🙂
    congratulations, it is much deserved !

  4. wow u won the CBCA award that’s really great and fantastic gosh I need to get on your website more 😀 + i think its a big achievement and I think you should be really proud

  5. YAY i knew youd get it well done YAYAYAYAY I am so happy for you. When I saw the other books i thought you would have to win…..
    keep goin with the good work =) =)

  6. I love your books SO much! I have read all of the dragon keeper series books at least 10 times! But, I was just wondering, could you please make one in Chinese? I think it would make sense since Dragon Keeper takes place in ancient China. Thanks!

  7. barry,
    I am not planning on writing another dragon book at the moment. I am having a break from dragons and writing something else.

  8. Xetra,
    Thanks. 10 times is a lot!
    I don’t decide where my books get published overseas. It happens the other way round. An overseas publisher says they want to publish it and I say “Yes, please do.”
    I would love it if there was a Chinese Dragonkeeper, but no Chinese publisher has been interested in publishing it.

  9. Riley-Writer,
    So sorry I missed your comment. Don’t know what happened. Anyway, thanks for the congrats and good luck with your own writing.

  10. Congrats,Carole! I’m so happy for you! I’m a HUGE fan of yours. I’m probally your biggest fan in Hawaii. Hope you write more books!

  11. carole i love your books sooooooooooo much i am currently doing a literature studies contract on your book dragon dawn . i love them sooo much you are my favourite authour i know everybody would say this but can you please write another book, i feel left in the dark as ping left the dragon haven i would love it so very much.

  12. HI!!!!! Please write another book about Ping and Kai I wish they would have stuck together, Even though you said you wouldnt write another one
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE ONE MORE, and also your still my fav. author thx

  13. Hey, thousand congadulations hope you keep witing OUTSTANDING books! I’m only 12 but i hope someday i may write like you( i know it’s an early age to make such a decision.)Anyways, i think Ping deserves a break too.Thanks for writing the great books- once again keep on writing! -Bye!

  14. ECL,
    For the info about Chinese dragons I got most of it from a book called The Dragon in China and Japan by de Visser. It was written in 1913. If you Google it you’ll find the whole book online somewhere.
    If you’re talking about info on Han Dynasty China, I didn’t have one main source. It was hard to find info so I got bits and pieces from lots of books.
    I do an online bibliography for all my books. You can see my Dragonkeeper bibliography at

  15. I love drgon keeper its so cool I wish yourd do another one all about Ping and Jun and kia and mabe she could come a croos another drogon:) that would be so cool,Are you going to make a moive about it its such a good book I love love it!I would wach it over and over agan. what happens to Danzzy? he naver tocks to her agan, And whohow leaves! I was so sad, and happy at the same time. I’ve raed all the books and ther so good why did you stop what happend to Ping. Do the advanchers stop ther? Dose she every see danzzy agan? dose kai come vist? what happens to the drgons to they mutat in to something dose the emper find his emortalady? Dose Ping live for ever? I have so many qusttions, What comes up in the fucher for tham is it an esy life or are thar some bumps? What to the nackroomanser? Dose she vist her mom agan? I love Ping ever sicen I read that book I love China I looked up there callcher and ever thing. Thank you for inspairting me, to do what I want to do even if the time gets rough!

  16. cindy,
    glad to hear that you liked the books and that they inspired you.
    I like to leave it up to the imagination of readers what happens to the characters after the end of Dragon Moon.
    I think that Ping deserves a nice quiet life with no more adventures. I like to think of her as settling down and having children. So there will be no more books about her. Sorry,
    I am not a movie producer, so I can’t make a movie. I hope that one day a movie producer with lots of money will want to make a movie.

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