Two New Books

I have two new books out this month. They are both non-fiction.

The first isn’t completely new, it’s a new edition of my book on the Olympic Games. It has a new cover, a new title — The Games: The extraordinary history of the modern Olympics — and it’s been completely updated. It’s full of the dramas, the scandals, the trivia of the Olympic Games. It’s not just about sport.

The Games is part of The Drum series by black dog books. There are ten books in the series so far, all on fascinating historical topics.

The second book is called Hatshepsut: Lost Pharaoh of Egypt. It’s about the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut who was wiped out of history for 3000 years. Hers is an amazing story of intrigue and mystery that lasts from 1500 BCE right up to last year (which was when they finally found her mummy). Those of you who have read my Ramose series will recognise her name — she was Ramose’s sister. This is her true story. You can look inside the book here.

Hatshepsut is one of the first two books in a new series for younger readers called The Beat. The other book is by Craig Scutt and is about Captain Cook.

23 responses to “Two New Books

  1. OMG I am getting them tommorow….. I hope
    Will these be new sereis?????

  2. Connor,
    they are both part of black dog books non-fiction series. I wrote some of them, other authors wrote others. I’ll add in some links to the blog so you can see the other books in the series.

  3. Ooh! I want that Hatshepsut. I had an idea for a book and wanted to use her. I have it outlined but to be able to do it as true as anyhting would be fantastic. Any way I can get a copy here in the UK?

  4. Is it out now……

    I am gonna go c right now anyway…

    Just so u know I have a new email now instead of the one I was using befor

  5. Connor,
    This blog program always tells me the email address of people who leave comments. It’s a security thing.

  6. Hi carole,
    happy birthday for saturday, i hope ur new books sell well, and if i come onto ur website on saturday, then i’ll wish you a happy birthday then too!! 😀

  7. I cant beleive I went 2 go fet it yesterday and guess what!!!! THERE OUT OF STOCK!!!! >=( I was so angry….. It must b good news 4 u though it means alot of people r buying ur books…. But while I was there I saw dragonkeeper but it had the cover where ping is standing at the door and the dragon is inside the door I check which cover

  8. It was the US cover…..

    dont really understand I thought it was only avlible in the us 4 that type of cover?????

  9. Connor,
    That’s interesting. Which bookshop is it? I think it’s because they can buy the books for less in the US at the moment. It means I get even less when people buy the book.

  10. Sarah,
    No her mummy was identified last year. They had had the mummy for ages but didn’t know who it was.
    I have a few ideas for what I want to do next. I don’t like talking about them before they take shape though. Keep an eye on my blog.

  11. ^^ yay you came to PLC today!!! i’m so happy, i didnt know until this morning^^i was jumpin up and down in class this mornin and i was a bit crazy -^^-

  12. Heaps of book stores… QBD Dimocks and heaps more Sorry I havent blogged for a while I’ve been down in Canberra training at the AIS for Olympic trials and stuff but I didn’t c the point i wouldn’t make the team…. +( any way I have got the book now it’s on hold i found it at a noosa store cya

  13. Connor,
    Training in Canberra sounds exciting. What sport do you do?
    Thanks for telling me about the bookshops selling US versions. It’s actually illegal.

  14. Swimming but i din’t make it im only 12 I would have even been able to go to the olympics….. you have to be 16 at a minimin I do Breastroke look out for me one day…. I have decided to make it in for water polo!!!! =)

  15. And the book was dragon moon that they were selling uno the us one…. Hey if your gonna sue em can i go to court with ya always wanted to go to one

  16. Connor,
    Well keep training and I will look out for you next Olypmics!
    No I’m not going to so the booksellers. They know they can get away with it because it’s too expensive to take it to court.

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