Brisbane Workshop

I will be in Brisbane next Wednesday taking a writers’ workshop at the Queensland Writers Centre.

It will be an all-day Young Writers’ Masterclass for students from Grades 10 — 12. I will be helping young writers learn how to get ideas and build stories. It costs $70 and there are still a few places left.

Date: Wednesday 2 July

Time: 10am to 4 pm

Place: Queensland Writers Centre

Level 2, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane

7 responses to “Brisbane Workshop

  1. OMG finnaly i am gonna be there… I hope can’t wait to finnaly c u in Brisbane about time 2 yay im So excited!!!!

  2. Wel a may just be a few years shor =( NO…. But even thourgh I’m not gonna be aloud inside i’ll just wait outside at around four can you please sign a book for me….. And I am getting your new Hatshepsut Book….. And how long r u going 2 be here? If your are for about a month can you please come my school!

    any way I’ve got a football tornament on so I’ll see how I go.


  3. I mean that if you were here 4 a month….. But I didn’t anyway… i wish i could and u were here longer!

  4. Dear Carole Wilkinson,

    I am an 11 year old boy, I have read ‘Dragonkeeper’and ‘Garden Of The Purple Dragon’ and personally i loved them both…..

    I am looking forward to reading ‘Dragon Moon’.

    All i want is 1 Spoiler, Does Danzi come back???

  5. Nathan,
    I’m glad you enjoyed reading the first two books.
    Do you really think I am going to write spoilers for my own books????? I don’t think so!

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