New Zealand Here I Come

I am going to New Zealand tomorrow which is very exciting. I am a guest of the Storylines Festival.

I will be speaking at three free Family Days during the festival.

Free Family Days
Te Whaea, Newtown
I hope to see some of my New Zealand readers there. Visit the Storylines website for the details.

43 responses to “New Zealand Here I Come

  1. I love your book it so cool
    can you make it into a movie my mum loved it to
    you are very talented i wish i was as good as you.


  2. you are so cool we love your books
    can you make them into movies.


  3. Hello nice to hear you speak at the storylines festival today. We really enjoyed your dragonkeeper trilogy.

  4. hi i love the dragon keeper trilogy im reading garden of the purple dragon at the moment and im really enjoying it your a really talented writer. regards jack

  5. Marsden School,
    See comment to Hannah. Sorry I am being so brief but I’m in an INternet Cafe in New Zealand!

  6. i havent been on in a while but it was my birthday on June the 11th 😀 o nd i hope that the storylines festival was good!!

  7. i am not surorised that you are invited to the storyline festival you are a brilliant author and the drgon keeper trilogy is the best!!!

  8. Cool I am going there in september I was chosen to represent Queensland (12yrs only) in football I can’t wait.

  9. Hi carol.I am a big fan of u and your week is also my bithday on the 14th(I am turning ten).When i read the dragokeeper triology i was enchantad and empressed by how talented u are.I also got a reward on beaing the youngest reader in forrest but its no big deal.Its just a reward from my friends but nearly everyone wes enchanted by me reading books so long! I just want to tell u that i would really be happy if u could come to my school at Forrest primary school in canberra. My dad is so happy that I am at this school becaus they say that it is one of the most important scool in Australia.I wold also do anything(and I mean anything) if u could come.well I need to go now so bye!

  10. Sorry about my speling mistakes.Still need to work on the typeing.Ha ha!I kow its not that funny but i just wanted o try it out.well then….

  11. Dear carol, why ave u not responded to me. I weated a long time alredy.Please can u answer my questons?

  12. Rosaria,
    Sorry that you think I am slow to respond. This is a very busy time of year for me. I reply to letters, emails and blog comments twice a week. My writing gets first priority always, otherwise I’d never finish a book.
    Well done for getting your reward. And Happy Birthday.
    I am coming to Canberra next month. I won’t be doing any school visits, but I am doing a signing a bookshop. When the details are finalised I will post a blog about it.

  13. Thankyou Carol I reall apriciated.I am very happy.Oh and I wold like to ask a very simple question(well no)but are u writing a new BOOK!If u are congratulations and I hope it will get published.oh and one more thing……………….
    TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!I am very exited and on friday I am having a slumber party with my 2 best friends Kelly and Evie.I have been planing this for a month or two nd I put my best effort on it because these are the real best friends that I want.Not like the mean and unsupportive ones at my old school lyons primary.
    I hope u have a good time but now I have to go. I need to print out some lyrics to a song for my friend Eddie.So then…

  14. ops!Oh and everytime I say ops.It means I did a spelling or tiping mistake,or I forgot to say something.

  15. Dear Carol,
    If u are an animal lover like me,I suggest(and u don’t need to do it)you should write a book on endangered animals.I got this idea just today so I thought I wold just tell u.This idea is about pandas.You should write about their life before the humans started to kill them,and then the life after humans started to kill them.You can also write about the beautiful wales.I also sugest that the pandas idea should be written in a picture book.The wales one can also be too but I think it is better the way that u always write.No picures.U don’t need to follow this advice.If u will I will be very happy.

    A girl with good advice always help.That is what my friends always say to me.

    Alway hear to give u some tips helpfully from Rosaria.

  16. Rosaria,
    Thanks for those suggestions. I have plenty of ideas for books at the moment though.
    I am currently writing a book, but it is too early to talk about it yet. I am a bit superstitious about talking about books when they are in the early stages. I think it will be bad luck and they won’t go well.

  17. Ok,I am so sorry but if u need any tips or advice(if these two words are different)just text me Right hear on your blog.Oh and I asked mrs.Hughes,
    (my school’s librerian)(if that is how you spell it)to add on the dragonkeeper triology books for book week(this week)and guess what se said…..
    …..YES!I mean she said YES!I hope u are happy about it.

  18. Dear carole,
    Have u got the details of when that bookshop signing is.I am going crazy about it!
    Text me later.

  19. Oh and is today daffodil day?
    I don’t really know?
    Can u tell me what this day is about?
    Please text me later.

  20. Dear Carole,
    I never had known that u wrote Black snake.
    Did u know that this book is in book week?
    Now like three books are in our book week.
    I hope u are happy about it.

    Regards Rosaria

  21. I mean three of youre books & sorry if I text too many xo I did not know it wold be long.U can cancellet(if that is how u spell it) later

  22. Rosaria,
    Yes I’m very pleased that my books are going to be in your school library.
    Yes I knew that it was book week last week. I did school and library visits, which is why I’m behind on answering blog comments.
    No I don’t know the details about the bookshop visit yet. As soon as I do I will do a blog about it.
    No I cannot tell you what Daffodil Day is about. This isn’t a general information website! Try googling it.

  23. Hey carol,
    I followed your suggestion on gooGling what Daffodol day means,and it worked.Hear is what it is.PS.I copied and pasted this from the website and added(well changed)some words.
    What is Daffodil Day?
    Daffodil Day is the largest fundraising event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the day of the year. some people invite all Australians to unite and lend their support to the fight against cancer.

    It is also a day to celebrate the spirit of cancer survivors and their families, carers and medical specialists, bringing hope and goodwill for the future of all Australians touched by the disease.

    The money raised will help the Cancer Council to fund essential services, education and research programs, making a difference to lives of people with cancer today, and helping to protect lives tomorrow.

  24. Dear Carole,
    At school we had to do a research of anthing and I chose you.
    I turned to a speach ad just started practesing it for friday.
    Here it is. I hope you like it.

    Carole Wilkinson
    Hi my name is Rosaria and today I am going to tell u about my favorite author/idol Carole Wilkinson.

    Who is Carole Wilkinson?
    Carole Wilkinson is an award-winning author of books for children.
    She loves dragons (like me) and has a passion for history of everything (like me).
    Her bestseller books were (and still kind of are):
    The Dragonkeeper trilogy books which is a story that goes up to three books, Dragonkeeper, The Garden of the purple dragon and Dragon moon.
    Dragon Moon has also won an award this year. I have some pictures of it at the bottom. Carole

  25. Dear Carole,
    If this speach offended you I am very very very very very very sorry about it.

  26. Dear carol,
    guess what!
    I am writing a is named “lost in the fleet” or should i call it “lost on the feet”.
    Please help! Anyway its about this boy who gets lost on the first fleet(Australia).i have just finished the first chapter.I hope it will get published someday.(If i finish it before 2011.
    its when i leve.)I would like to be the youngest author of australia.

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