I’ve just received my author copies of a new black dog books book called Short: a collection of interesting short stories and other stuff from some surprising and intelligent people. I have a short story in it. As well as stories it contains poems, pictures and things that don’t fit into any regular categories.

All royalties go to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, an organisation which provides mentors for young people in need of support and friendship. Contributors include Andy Griffiths, Micheal Panckridge, Michael Gerard Bauer, Karen Tayleur, Scot Gardner, Alicia Sometimes, Michael Pryor and Sue Lawson and many others. And it was expertly edited by my daughter, Lili Wilkinson. You can read more about it here.

My story is a sort of ancient Egyptian ghost story.

It’s a lot of fun and for a good cause. Look for it at your local bookshop or you could buy it online at the black dog books shop.

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  1. i saw that book a few weeks ago on the black dog books website i think… i’m going to get my mum to buy it for me!!!

  2. i understand! i love your books. are you going to write any other books about dragons?

  3. Hi Carole, I just realized after finishing the Dragonkeeper series (Which was excellent!), the “dan”(?)in “danzi” means gallbladder on its own. I don’t get the connection.

    How’s the “top-secret” new book coming along?


  4. Kate,
    I think I will write other books about dragons, but not a continuation of the Dragonkeeper trilogy.

  5. Jemmy,
    Like most Chinese words, ? has more than one meaning. Courage is another meaning for it. So Danzi means courageous one.

  6. hi carole
    i have a question for you..
    I am doing an assignment that i have to do on dragon keeper and we have to write down some facts about you!!! O.k so i was wondering if when you got married to John… did you take his surname or did you keep your maden name????
    Also what year did you get married in?
    hope you can reply
    Good job on the dragonkeeper series
    regards tammiii

  7. Today we read the first chapter of Dragon Moon. We enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading some more. Will these books ever become movies???(Please!!!!)

  8. 5A Marsden State School,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the first chapter of Dragon Moon. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
    I am not a movie producer, so I can’t make movies of my books. I think it would cost about $10 million to make a Dragonkeeper movie. Unfortunately I do not have that much money. So I will have to wait for a movie producer to come along (with lots of money) who wants to make a movie of the book.

  9. i love the book dragon keeper
    you are so talented i wish i was as good as you

    REGARDS hannah

  10. i love your books you are a great writer and i hope i meet you one day i would love your signurce my sister would love your signurce. i love how you put every little bit in.

  11. i am wondering if you are going to write a number 4 dragin keeper book i would also lick your signnaser and i would love to meet you.

  12. Rebecca,
    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad to hear you liked the Dragonkeeper books.
    There will not be a fourth book in the series. I think I have finished that story. If I tried to write another one, I don’t think it would be any good. It takes me a whole year to write a novel, so it has to be something that I’m really interested in and excited about, otherwise I would get bored and the story would come out boring.
    If you send a stamped addressed envelope, I can send you my signature. Click on Contact at the bottom of the page to find the address.
    I do quite a lot of public events. If you keep an eye on my blog I always mention them beforehand.

  13. i will send it on thursday if ppossible may i please have 2 copies

    From rebcca

  14. Dear Carole
    i am soz i forgot to post the envelope i will dif post it on Thursday.I am realy soz that i did not post the envelope i fell so getey that i did not post it.I will trie to remaber to post it.

    From Rebecca I G Palmer

  15. Hi my name is carley from 5A and l just want to find out is there anthor book coming out for dragon moon its really good can you send me your signcher please talk later bye

  16. Carley,
    Glad that you liked Dragon Moon. There won’t be another book following Dragon Moon, I’m afraid. I feel that I have finished the story. I will be writing other books though.
    I can send you a signature if you send me a stamped addressed envelope to PO Box 372, Clifton Hill 3068.

  17. HI CAROLE I FORGOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WHAT IS IT PLEASE! Sorry didn’t know caps lock was on!!! Hehehe….
    I have read the book short! I am sorry to say it was a crazy fun book the type I don’t mlike sorry! 🙁

  18. Olivia,
    to email me, click on “Contact” at the bottom of this page (or any other page on my website), then click on “email me”. Those emails come straight to my computer, just as these blog comments do. There’s no one else reading them. Just me.

  19. ?Thank you very much l sent it today

    l will be waiting for it in the letter box

    Our school has orderd 2 drgon keeper books and we all ready have one so we have three copys

    well thanks for you time l can’t wait to read drogon keeper!!!!!!!!!!!?

  20. sorry for my spelling there l had to rush l had to go some where dragon keeper l mean sorry

  21. thanks l just starded reading Dragon kepper it is so cool yesterday l spent two hours reading dragon kepper and now l know her name and the dragons to !!!!!!!!!!! l think your a wonderful athor and hope you do well in the fucture sorry about that our school orderd 2 dragon keppers and two garden of the purple dragon

  22. Hello Carole.

    I just finished reading your second book in the dragon keeper series. I love to read about dragons. You are very good at writing.


  23. Madison,
    Thanks. There are now 4 Dragonkeeper books, but the 4th (a prequel) is only available in Australia. I also have written a Dragon Encyclopedia called Dragon Companion, but that is only in Australia too.

  24. To Carole,

    Yes I looked them up, I am now reading the 3rd. And am planning to read the forth. But when I looked the fourth one up, it said that Danza’s previous dragonkeeper died. But does that mean Ping dies?

    From Madison

  25. To Carole.

    I live in Australia too. So I am pretty lucky. I’m nearly finished the first chapter of Dragon Moon.

    Talk to you later,

  26. Madison,
    Dragon Dawn is set a 100 years before Dragonkeeper, so Ping isn’t even born. Hoe you are enjoying Dragon Moon

  27. To Carole,

    Lucky because I really like Ping. Yes I am enjoying Dragon Moon n am nearly finished the 2nd chapter. I have just got back to school with home work and that so I haven’t been able to read much.

    Talk to you soon,

  28. To Carole,

    Sorry I forgot this one,
    Can you please sign the letter I sent you or the one you are sending me back if you are sending me bakc one.

    Thax a lot,

  29. Hi Carole,

    I always have wondered how you come up with ideas on books…How do you?????


  30. i love ur book i just got done reading it it is the best book i’ve read in a long time

  31. Nikki,
    I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks.
    No, nobody has made a movie of it yet. Maybe one day someone will want to turn it into a movie.
    In Australia, Dragonkeeper has had two different covers. The publisher thought it would be a good idea to freshen it up with a new cover.

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