Shanghai dragons

Wherever I go, I always keep an eye out for dragons. It will come as no surprise, I’m sure, that there was no shortage of them in Shanghai. My favourites were the ones on the bronze ritual vessels in the Shanghai Museum. They are two and a half to three thousand years old.

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  1. Dear Carole,
    yes, the shanghai dragons are very nice, but if you ever get the chance to go to Beijing, check out the dragons there because there are HEAPS more

  2. I’m a huge fan!! Iknow you probably get lots of people posting comments that say that sort of thing, but I’m addicted to your books! I got Dragonkeeper for Christmas and I couldn’t put it down! I unfortunatly had to wait to get Garden of the Purple Dragon until I had saved up enough money, but as soon as possible I bought it, and loved it! I am currently reading Dragon Moon, and I’m enjoying it so far.

    I love writing myself. You are my inspiration! I would love to write a novel, but I can never make my stories long enough! I’ve tried before, but my longest has only been about 3000 words. Which would either have to be in supersized print, or it would be a very short novel indeed! Can you help me out here?

    Anyway, you’ve probably gt better things to do than listen to me rabble on, but before I go I wuld like to ask you a question that I have been wondering about ever since the chapter, ‘Twisting Snake Ravine’ in book 2, when Jun is in the carriage with Ping and Dong Fang Suo and he says he can hear what Kai says. So here it is:

    If a dragonkeeper is talking to a dragon in their head, would another dragonkeeper be able to hear what they were saying?

    Please reply, or it will BUG me more than it already is. Anyway, bye for now and be expecting for me to write again!

    From Angela B

  3. Just dropping by to say that Dragon Moon has finally been relesed in Sweden…I’m gonna buy it as soon as possible!

  4. i have some good news….

    Dragon Moon is rated no.2 at angus and robinsons at brisbane for kids…..

    J.K is no.1

    well done

  5. Angela,
    Glad to hear you liked the Dragonkeeper books.
    I can’t tell you how to make a story longer. A story is as long as it takes to tell. If you try and make it longer than that, it usually gets boring. Perhaps you are a short story writer, not a novelist. Or perhaps you will have to keep writing and eventually your stories will be longer. I am going to do a blog about advice to young writers later this week as I have had a lot of requests like yours.
    Yes Dragonkeepers can communicate to each other without speaking.

  6. Hi, I’m from Portugal and I realy loved your first two books, those before Dragon Moon. So, I have some questions to you.

    Have you been inspired to write the discription of the palaces in the books with this photos or you’ve seen those after? That’s because I imagined the imperial palace like this!!

    And well, do you know when Dragon Moon comes to Portugal?? ‘Cause I only think about it… I love to read, you know? 🙂

    Well, I confess… I love to write to, I would love to be writer, but my stories are just too smal… I guess I will have to try when I’m older.

    Bye, Joana

    ps- by the way, I’m thirteen, do you think I could read the other books from you?

  7. I love your books, dragonkeeper, gerden of the purple dragon and dragon moon, mainly because i love DRAGONS. if you were to see my room there would be dragon everything. i have learnt about dragons since i was eight and know almost everything about dragons.
    Sincerly Dervla H
    P.S On the cover of Dragon Moon, UK edition, who is the dragon? Is it Hei Lei ar Danzi?

  8. Joana,
    No I wrote the books before I went to Shanghai.
    I don’t know when Dragon Moon will be out in Portugual, they don’t tell me. I think it will be a while yet as I only just got the Portuguese Garden of the Purple Dragon. You should email the Portuguese publishers, Bertrand Editora, they will tell you.
    Unfortunately, none of my other books have been translated into Portuguese. It looks like your English is good enough to read in English, but I don’t know if you could get them in Portugal.
    Keep on writing, that’s how you improve!

  9. Dervla,
    I don’t know who the dragon on the cover is supposed to be. Only the cover illustrator would know that.

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