Photos from Shanghai

I am back from Shanghai now. It is quite a place! So big, so many people, and everything from 100+ storey buildings to narrow lanes. I had a great time at the Shanghai American School. I spoke to heaps of kids from all over the world, and everyone there made me and the other visiting authors very welcome.

Here are a few pictures from my visit.


Here I am in the tallest building in Shanghai. 88 floors up.


This is a pretty water town called Zhujiajiao about 30 km from Shanghai.


Here I am with some of the kids from the Pudong campus of the Shanghai American School. You can see one of the dragons that the younger kids made for me.


With the other visiting authors Janet Stevens, Susan Stevens-Crummel and Bruce Coville


A famous teahouse in the Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai

13 responses to “Photos from Shanghai

  1. Marv,
    Maybe you will. When I was young I would never have dreamt of going to China. You never know what path your life will take.

  2. Dear Carole,
    I’m think i went to zhujiajiao the last time i went to china.

  3. i want to go to shang-hai! i know the tower, zhujiajiao, and the yu yuan gardens. they are quite famous in china. i also want to visit taiwan sometime. they do say in taiwan that if you hang around for a whole day in a big shoppingmall in taipei, you will see at least 2 celebrities. i want to try it!

  4. ooo,your photo of the school is much better than the school i attended in china. my school was much worse,how many people were in each class? i had 60 in mine.

  5. Wow! It looks amazing! I’ve never ever been to a place like that! I’d love to one day go to China.

  6. Sarah,
    I don’t know how many kids there were in each class, as I had more than one class at a time. Definitely not 60. It is an international school.

  7. I am a student in SAS, and i loved your visit. this is a bit random but i love your shoes! LOL! they are so cool! the apple split into two one!! LOL!

  8. Christine,
    Good to know that someone from SAS is checking my website. I’m glad you enjoyed my visit. I enjoyed it very much. Also glad to hear you like my apple shoes. They are my favourites at the moment.

  9. WOW! Your pretty lucky you got to go to China. Its one of my favorite countrys. I’ve been begging my mom to take me some place for the summer. But she never has enough money. So I’ve been stuck in Hawaii for two or three years. Hawaii is not so paradise if you haven’t gotten a break from it…I can’t wait to be old enough to get a job,so I can use my money on an airplane ticket. I’ll go to Australia first!

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