Back in Brisbane

I spent the long weekend in Brisbane. Dragon Moon didn’t win the Aurealis Award, but I had a good time catching up with fellow authors, and meeting some that I hadn’t met before, as well as the people who did such a terrific job of organising the awards and the presentation ceremony.


Here I am with some of the chaps—Jack Heath, Michael Pryor and Marc McBride—at the Aurealis Awards Ceremony last Saturday.

Marc’s World of Monsters was joint winner with Briony Stewart’s Kumiko and the Dragon in the short fiction category. Kate Forsyth’s Chain of Charms series won the long fiction category. Congratulations to Kate, Marc and Briony.

15 responses to “Back in Brisbane

  1. oh my gosh u could’ve won that award, but i guess the judges just thought other books were a bit better, but if i were the judge i would’ve DEFINETLY chosen ur book to win the award. i hope u all the best for the next award that u’ll be nominated for.

  2. Aww, I feel sorry for you, nice try though. I really want to read the “Dragon Moon” after the ending you gave in the “Garden of the Purple Dragon”. I just couldn’t stop!

    Congrats on your Dragonkeeper series!!!


  3. OOh carole i finally got the book from amazon it arrived the day after on friday wich was the relase date of the book in the uk so i was very surprised at this speedy delivery, and i have started reading it and it is just FANTASTIC im really excited it is so hard to put the book down but i have to remind myslef the book needs to last me atleast 3 days lol.

  4. too bad you didn’t win the award, but you must have come very close! I havn’t got DragonMoon yet, i’ll get it tomorrow or sometime this week, cant wait to get it! Bye for now, good look with future awards!

  5. OMG! Carole I am now half-way through DRAGON MOON. Its awsome! The best of the series by far. I love the beginning. Its awsome!!!!!!! 😀

  6. carole, it definetly has been worth the wait they should seriously make a film of the series it would really be good i think.

  7. Marvin, Ryan,
    I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it, after waiting so long. What about the ending? Some people didn’t like it.
    Yes, it would be great to have a film. I was thinking about this and how fantastic the Lord of the Rings films were, and how the Harry Potter films and Golden Compass were good but not brilliant. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to make a film of a book when it first comes out. Perhaps it’s better to let some time pass first. Not that I want to wait 60 years like LotR!

  8. lol carole i see what you mean better late then never though.Im on the chapter just after tinkling village now.Its been great so far.

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