Dragon Moon Shortlisted for Aurealis Award

I am very pleased to announce that Dragon Moon has been shortlisted for an Aurealis Award. The Aurealis Awards are for Australian speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy and horror). Dragon Moon has been shortlisted in the Children’s long fiction section.

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24 responses to “Dragon Moon Shortlisted for Aurealis Award

  1. Congratulations on the award! I havent actually read Dragon Moon yet but Im sure its fantastic, just like the last two!

  2. Good luck with it! I hope you do win, DragonKeeper is the best book i’ve read and im sure DragonMoon is just as good, good luck!

  3. Oh, oops!
    Oh well i wish you good luck! I’m sure Dragon Moon is a great read. I’ve just finished reading Garden of the Purple Dragon, and so i’ll be reading the last book soon. (Is it the last? Or will there be a fourth adventure for Ping and Kai?)

  4. Mikaela, DragonMoon is the final book, and according to Amazon it’s out February 1st, not long left!

  5. sorry i haven’t been on for a while i had a bad acident and had to bein hospital for a while. I myself think you wil win the award I’ve read some of the other books but yours is better

  6. i just finished reading dragon moon and i think you should stuff the trilogy, make another 1!!!! something like jun and ping having a relationship and her running into kai or maybe she finds out that she’s going to be a grandmother of a dragonling and looks after it- it could be 1 of the eggs in that cave thing. Please make another 1!!!! i couldn’t put the book down, i read for 5 hours straight! please! these books keep me entertained!!!!

  7. Hi Carole,
    my internet hasn’t been working for a while, so i haven’t been able to talk to u, anyway congratulations on being shortlisted for the Aurealis Award! i hope u all the best!

  8. Ollii,
    Pleased to hear you enjoyed Dragon Moon. Sorry, I have no plans to write another Dragonkeeper book. A trilogy feels right to me at the moment. I’m ready to write something different. I appreciate your enthusiasm though.

  9. hi carole,
    I recently e-mailed you and I was very upset to hear there wouldn’t be another Dragonkeeper book it would be the best if there was!
    If you do ever feel the need to write another Dragonkeeper please let me know, it would be a joy to read!
    Me and a friend talked on the phone after we had both finished reading and she tried to talk me into writing another Dragonkeeper but I told her that it wouldn’t work because we couldn’t keep up the standards, which is why I’d bet a million dollars that you win the award (if I had a million dollars)

  10. G’day carloe
    i absolutely love ur dragon keeper books. when i first read dragon keeper i was mesmerised i had to go out and buy it. i read it over and over untill i realised u had a sequel to it, garden of the purple dragon. i read it and i got no further then 2 pages in and i couldnt stop, i couldnt put the book down, i felt like i was hypnotised, i loved it. when i saw dragon moon i had to get it, i was thriving for more. i was reading it and i felt connected to the book, i felt like i was part of the book, like i was ping. when i got to where ping [plot spoiler deleted] tears were rolling down my face and the neck my singlet was damp. i was so moved by it. And when she [plot spoiler deleted] i was so happy. but when i finished reading dragon moon i was sad because i never wanted the adventure to end… your books are the only books ive ever started and finished, and i cant get into any other books but these three. i love this tale and i never wanted it to end…ever,so if u happen to want to write another, go right ahead. i wouldnt have loved to read anything books, other then these 3.

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