Flying Dragon

There is something new on the black dog books Dragon Companion website.

A flying dragon!

Check it out here.

8 responses to “Flying Dragon

  1. cool I have once done animation classes at school but I thought it was to hard so it must of been hard to be able to make a dragon that flies!!

  2. It’s cool, I really want to buy the book but I have never come across it. I did Dragons as a school project, and it really would have come in handy! It looks really interesting. Have you read the Dragonology books, Carole?

  3. Oh well I live in Australia but I am currently on a holidy for a month in the Philippines. Ill look for it in again as soon as I get back!

  4. i haven’t seen a scale nor fang of dragon’s companion either, i suppose you’ve read every book on dragons ever published, or almost, right?

  5. Sarah,
    Dragon Companion hasn’t been published in any other countries as yet, I’m afraid. I have read quite a lot of books on dragons, but not all of them I’m sure.

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