New York

I have been away overseas, which is why I haven’t blogged for a while. We went to New York. It was fantastic. Such and amazing city. As it is November, it was cold (chilly the locals call it when it’s getting close to freezing!). The big bonus was the autumn leaves in Central Park and the northern end of Manhattan.


I also got to meet the people at my US publisher Hyperion. Here I am with Colin, who edits the US editions of my books. We are at the National Council for Teachers of English Expo where I went to sign some books.


Other highlights were going up the top of the Empire State Building at night, going to all the galleries and the Macy’s Thanksgivings Day Parade. When people said we had to go to see the balloons, I thought it sounded pretty ordinary…until I saw what they meant by balloons! Pretty impressive.



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  1. Well you have missed a bit we just got flooded in melborne there was a huge lightning storm!

  2. wow! Those are big balloons! I’ve never been to America, I would love to go someday! New York looks much bigger than London so I dont know if I would enjoy it, it has some large crouds!

  3. Danny,
    Actually I think New York is smaller than London. Everybody lives in highrise apartments though, so there’s lots of people squeezed into a small space. The crowds weren’t too bad when we were there, and there are some surprisingly quiet and tranquil parts.

  4. Wow i would love to go to new york ( im still waiting for the book ) im really excited to when it comes out here in the uk.

  5. Yeah im going to get it as soon as it comes out but i at the moment i have got some other books to occupie me so woo.

  6. True! Isn’t it something like 48 hours flight. Whoa! That is a lot. Lol.

    Oh well.. I cannot wait to read DRAGON MOON. Its going to be awsome!

  7. Olivia,
    Apart from a quick visit to Los Angeles, we only went to New York. I liked New York a lot. I just saw the film I am Legend (which is set in NY) and it was great to actually know where all the places were in the film.

  8. Sarah,
    I don’t travel overseas a lot and I do get jetlag, I had it for nearly a week after the NY trip. I get homesick too.

  9. Oh! I just found out Dragon Moon will be out in the States on March 6th. I am the writer in Laguna Beach who blogged to you in August of 2006 about my Uggs that I wear to write–even in Southern California. I also encouraged you to continue your writing, quickly, so I could read the next book.

    Now I am pleased to say my eight year old grandson has read both your Ping novels and The Dragon Companion and is as eager–maybe more!–as I am to read the next book. One week. Yeah!

    Please check out my website. I have some of my writings and my Egypt and China units on there.

  10. Hi Marcia,
    Good to hear from you again. I remember your comments about Uggs. It’s great that your grandson enjoyed my books. I had a look at your units on Egypt and China. They look terrific. I have written novels set in Egypt took but they aren’t published in the US.

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