Companion Launched

The launch of The Dragon Companion went well on Sunday. It was a very hot day, but nice and cool inside Readers Feast. I met people who are interested in my books, including some who have commented on this blog. That was great, to be able to put faces to the names.

It was the first time I’d had a co-launchee—Dean Jones who is responsible for the wonderful dragon illustrations in the book.


This is Dean and I at the launch. And below is me with my daughter Lili and friends Nicola, Anne and Anna.


15 responses to “Companion Launched

  1. hi carole,
    the launch was GREAT! i was so glad u could sign stuff, i’ve given 2 bookmarks to my friends and they were happy to recieve them!

  2. Ryanne, Sarah,
    Sorry you couldn’t make it. Though as neither of you live in Melbourne I understand completely!
    It was good to meet you. Glad you enjoyed the launch.

  3. Hello, I wish I could of come, but I live in the UK, so that would be quite a long way! Dragonkeeper is getting closer to launch, I cant wait! Will you make another series of books as good as Dragonkeeper? I hope you do, your so good! Bye.

  4. Only 3 and a bit months left until DK: Dragon Moon is released in the UK. I cannot wait!!!!

    I was just going through your blog and I noticed that on your entry titled DK3, when you started to write Dragon Moon, you replied to a comment saying that Dragon Moon was looking to be shorter than the first two books. Now that it is finished, is this the case?

    My sister is hoping for one twice the size as Garden of the Purple Dragon as she loved it. But I have told her not to get her hopes up. lol

  5. Ryan,
    It is 334 pages in the Aust edition. That’s about 10 pages shorter than Dragonkeeper, 20 pages shorter than Garden of PD. I really hope you find it is worth the wait!

  6. I’m sure it will be worth the wait but my sister has said that I will have to battle with her to read it first. I’ll win. I’ll grab it and run to my room and place my bookcase over it. Mwah! I will know what happens to Ping first! lol. My friend also likes the book, only she has just finished DRAGONKEEPER and should be getting Garden of the Purple Dragon next week.

    How many chapters are there in Dragon Moon? I was just wondering. That is if it won’t spoil the book.

    I cannot wait to read it!

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